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The Sun, Thursday 9 April 1936, page 20



Office-bearers of the Institute of Inspectors of Stock of N.S.W. were announced to-day, at the institute's annual conference, as follows:—

President, Mr. J. G Johnston (S. I. Albury); vice-presidents, Messrs. W. J. Smith (S. I. Young); and E. A. Lucas (S. I. Maitland); committee. Messrs H. M. Warburton (Nyngan), F. J. Madden (Tamworth), R. S. Bray (Hillston), T. R. Ryan (Armidale), R. P. Mayer (Inverell), J. Faulkner (Flemington), D. F. Gray (Tibbooburra), N. H. Litchfield (Singleton), N. L. Jones (Holbrook), H. W. Copeland (Moree).


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