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Riverina Recorder (Balranald, Moulamein), Saturday 9 May 1936, page 4


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The usual monthly meeting of the above was held on the 30th April when there were present: Messrs W. Andrews (Chairman) R. J. Eagle, R. McConnell, G. Perrignon, G. M. Smith F. W. Grabau and J. B. O'Donnell.

An apology for non-attendance was received from. Mr. E. E. Ellis.

The minutes of meeting held 26th March were taken as read and confirmed.

Correspondence was received and dealt with as follows:—

District Forester Wagga Wagga. Enquiring as to whether there were any objections by the Board to the granting of a lease of 320 acres within Noorong State Forest and the enclosure of such area by 1¼ miles of fencing. Decided that the Board strongly object to any lease whatever over the subject area.

R. C. Podger. Applying for refund of 9/4 paid in respect of Permit 40249 the ground for such application being that the holdings to and from which the stock concerned travelled were occupied by the owner of the sheep and were less than 12 miles apart. Decided that the amount of 9/4 be refunded.

Transport Regulation Board of Victoria. Acknowledging receipt of Board's views on the question of a roads service for passengers between Moulamein and Melbourne.

Chief Veterinary Surgeon. Approving leave of absence to Stock Inspector between 4th and 14th April, 1936.

The Secretary here reported on the matter of tenders received in connection with proposal to clean out Bere megad tank. As it was considered that the whole of the tenders received were in excess unsatisfactory, as regards amount of tender it was decided 'that none be accepted and the matter of cleaning out be held over. Mr. McConnell agree if possible to interview Mr. R. Phyland for the purpose of making satisfactory arrangements for the cleaning out of drains leading to Yanga tank near Condoulpe.

Mr. Grabau here verbally intimated his willingness to act as Board's delegate at the forthcoming Annual Convention. The matter of submission of further resolutions for Conference was then discussed and that of assessment was given lengthy consideration. All directors were unanimously of opinion that the Act as at present constituted as regards rating was most unfair, in its application and with the view of securing an amendment of the Act it was decided that the following resolution be forwarded for insertion in business paper and also that the Pastures Protection Boards of the Eastern and Western Divisions of the State be asked to support same, the resolution being "That Pastures Protection Boards be empowered, at their discretion to adopt either the present method of assessment whereby rates are levied on stock returned as at 31st December next preceding the year the rate is levied with a minimum rating equal to the carrying capacity of the land concerned as determined by Sec. 30 S.S.2 of the Act or by an assessment on the land of all the occupiers (irrespective of stock returned) on the carrying capacity of their holdings as determined from time to time.

Regarding the matter of complaints re condition of T. S. Reserve where such passes through what is known as Powell's Improvement Lease it was decided that Secretary ascertain the conditions governing the lease in question.

Messrs. N. Oliver, W. McKenzie, E. E. Jackson and T. C. Macvean respectively were present and made representations (separate) regarding action taken by the Board against them for failure to destroy rabbits. After hearing the views expressed by the persons concerned it was decided that on payment of costs incurred to date, proceedings be withdrawn against N. Oliver and E. E. Jackson whilst the case against W. McKenzie be held over pending a further inspection by the Rabbit: Inspector. In the case against T. C. Macvean it was decided that proceedings be continued.

Form 5 was received in respect of the following: T. C. Macvean to E. A. Pickering, Abbots; A. J. Thomas, Widdid Bros and Davis, Cunninyeuk sub. H. J. Smith to Adams Bros. Inglebrae; I. Daly to Adams Bros, Rasmussens; Est, T. Davies to G. J. Hazlett, Davies Trutees Block .

Mr. P. Daly. was present in support of a verbal request to be allowed to water approximately 500 sheep once in every two days at Board's tank on Seven mile Reserve between Moulamein and Barham. Decided that Mr. Daly be given permission to water the number of sheep mentioned until such time as it may be necessary to withdraw such permission.

Stock Inspector. Reporting Mr. R.C. Colville for using an unregistered Earmark in sheep. Decided that action be taken in respect of the alleged offence.

Stock Inspector. Reporting Mr. F.W. Clanvill for having failed to produce to him on demand a permit to travel certain sheep. Decided that the alleged owner of the sheep Mr. E. A. Pickering be written to asking for an explanation as to why the stock in question were not provided with the prescribed permit to travel.

Taken in Stock inspector's Report??-?

Stock Inspector's Report

Owing to the Western Division Conference of P.P. Boards being held at Balranald on the 25th of March and subsequently having attended the annual Conference of Inspectors of Stock in Sydney from the 6th to the 9th April inclusive I have not had much opportunity for patrol work in our district since our last meeting, conditions generally remain dry and rain is much needed.

In travelling to Sydney to attend the Conference I travelled, by car via the Mid-Western Highway which route runs via Hay, Gunbar, Goolgowie, Rankin Springs, West Wyalong, Cowra, Bathurst etc, conditions are decidedly dry and feed is scarce from Balranald as far as West Wyalong. I mention this in case some owners are in search of agistment country and as far as could be estimated from the road as we travelled I would, say that it would be of little use to seek agistment at the present time along this route, from West Wyalong in to the coast there is an abundance of green feed.

On the return journey I travelled via Goulburn, Yass, Gundagai, Holbrook, Albury, Tocumwal on this route conditions are much better.

From an instructional point of view the Conference was a great success, addresses were given by the Chief Veterinary Surgeon and other Veterinary workers from the Glenfield Research Station a full day was also spent at the Research Station itself and the inspectors were treated to a host of good things in point of new disease conditions etc., the Glenfield staff spares itself no amount of trouble in making the day, of the very highest instructional value to the inspectors.

A further afternoon was spent at Mr. Roy Stewart's Veterinary Hospital at Randwlck where several operations were performed on various animals for the benefit of the inspectors, this was also of great educational value and much appreciated.

The Conference was also most fortunate in being able to secure the services of Dr. Clunies Ross for an address, Dr. Ross has just returned from an extended tour of Japan, Manchuria, Korea etc., etc., and he was able to give the conference the benefit of first hand information with regard to the very vexed question of wool production in the countries mentioned and its subsequent bearing on the Australian wool market.

After an exhaustive investigation on the actual spot Dr. Ross assures us that the production of first class wool in these countries, in sufficient quantity to interfere with the Australian trade, will not be very appreciable, conditions of climate, principally, preclude any very great danger to our industry, it was most gratifying to have this first hand account of conditions from such an authority as Dr. Ross, an important raised in this connection was, for Australia to take fullest advantage of her ideal conditions and to raise her production of suitable wools so as to be able to sell at a reasonable price and thereby do away with the necessity, as far as possible, of producing substitutes. At the Balranald conference we were shown some fabrics which are being marketed and taking the place of woollen goods, it is really surprising the pitch to which these substitutes have been brought.

I would respectfully suggest, that if Dr. Ross' services could be obtained in a like capacity to the forthcoming conference of P.P. Board delegates, the first hand information he is able to give on the important subject would prove of the utmost value, to the State generally and would go a long way in assuring our wool growers of their splendid heritage and inspire them to greater effort in the care of their flocks.

It seems again necessary to bring under notice of owners of sheep that it is now compulsory to earmark sheep as well as to brand and keep legibly branded, a case has been brought under notice in which an owner has been using a pair of cattle ear pliers on his sheep, these pliers were neither the correct size for sheep, furthermore the owner's duly registered mark is of such a nature that it cannot be put in with one pair of pliers, one plier has to be used on the point of the ear and the other on the back of the ear. This owner was only using one cut in the marking of his sheep and when the cut was made it was found to be identical with another owner's mark in the same district.

It is most necessary for owners to see that the pliers used for earmarking sheep are of the size and shape prescribed by the Act.

Secretary's report being read it was decided that the matter of appraise ment of understocked holdings be held over until next ordinary meeting in June; That tenders be invited for the erection of fencing on the boundaries between Chah Singh holding and T.S. & C.R. 39434 Parish of Niemur: That concessions for half rates be allowed in respect of the same areas as granted during the year 1935: That the action of the chairman in having concrete piping laid down at Windouran tank be confirmed.

Inward correspondence was received, outward approved of, reports adopted and rate book to be altered in accordance with Form 5 received.

Accounts were passed for payment totalling in the General Fund £283 6/6; Reserve Imp fund £90 13/9.

The date of next meeting was fixed for 4th June 1936 at 9.30 a.m.


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