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Losses Associated with Dipping in DDT
Written by: E Scott Rogers, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Deniliquin
It is postulated that the DDT in the dipping fluid caused an irritation of the shearing cuts, which became readily infected with any organism with which they came in contact, as in Blackleg ... Read More

Trombidioisis in Sheep in NSW
Written by: LAW McTier, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Moree
In May, 1946, the attention of the writer was directed to a peculiar scabby condition on the lower portion of the legs of some sheep on a property some six miles east of Warialda ... Read More

Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning—A Suggested Treatment
Written by: RE Fairfax, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Braidwood
The history leading up to the poisoning worked out almost in the manner of a planned field trial. Six hundred ewes and wethers had been grazing for several weeks on 700 acres of natural grass, which was short owing to the bad season ... Read More

Yellow Big-Head in Lambs
Written by: NH Litchfield, Inspector of Stock, Young
During the past summer several outbreaks of Yellow Big-head occurred in young sheep of various breeds in this District. One appeared in young merino weaner lambs grazing Panicum effusum about two inches in height ... Read More

Common Ailments of Domestic Stock and Their Treatment
Written by: DC Blood, BVSc, Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine, University of Sydney
Colic of horses is relatively simple to treat once an exact diagnosis has been established—the major difficulty is to establish the diagnosis ... Read More

Mycotic Dermatitis in Cattle in NSW
Written by: LAW McTier, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Moree
Recently (24th March, 1948) the writer was inspecting cattle on a property between in the Warialda P.P. District, and noticed that three cows were affected with peculiar horny, brownish scabs on the back, rump and sides ... Read More

Keratitis in Vealers Following the Use of Phenothiazine
Written by: G Charles, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar
Forty vealers were running on a property in the District and they were not doing as well as the manager expected; a number of them being affected with a foetid black scour ... Read More

Nervous Disorders Associated with Roundworm Infestation in Horses
Written by: EJ McBarron, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Holbrook
The history has been that the subject was observed standing quietly at pasture or in draught, and "threw a fit." The limbs became rigid, the animal trembled, and might commence to run backwards; finally squatting on its haunches before becoming prostrate ... Read More

Tuberculin Testing of Pigs
Written by: KV Byrne, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
Attention first was drawn to the property concerned when in a consignment forwarded from it the heads of four pigs were condemned for Tuberculosis. This occurrence was reported by the Health Inspector to the writer ... Read More

Swine Dysentery—Treatment with Neokharsivan, Sulphaguanidine and the Apparent Protective Value of Vitamin A
Written by: JE Cantello, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Broken Hill
Neokharsivan, an arsenical preparation manufactured by Burroughs Wellcome for use in treatment of human syphillis, gave remarkable results in trial treatments of pigs of all ages affected with swine dysentery during the period 1946-1948 ... Read More


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