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Heliotrope Poisoning in Sheep
Written by: JC Keast, Glenfield
The large majority of the losses from Heliotrope that have occurred in the Murray Valley have been due to a liver damage resulting from an alkaloid ... Read More

Bent-Leg in Lambs
Written by: Grahame Edgar, BVSc, Director of Veterinary Research, Glenfield
"Bent Leg" is a popular name employed to describe an unusual non-infectious condition involving the fore limbs of young lambs ... Read More

Colibacillosis in Sheep
Written by: J Walker, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Armidale
Coliform orgnnisms are common inhabitants of the alimentary tract, of which B. coli may become pathogenic and cause such conditions as ... Read More

Stilboestrol Trial for Earlier Lambs
Written by: HR Piesley, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Warialda
There is a demand in Australia for April-May lambs instead of May-June lambs, but the earlier lambs usually cannot be obtained owing to the occurence of the anoestrous period in early summer ... Read More

Recent Advances in the Treatment of Internal Parasites
Written by: Hugh McL Gordon, BVSc, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory
Some of the general principles of the use of anthelmintics will be discussed, with particular reference to nematode parasites of sheep, and brief comments will be made on "newer" anthelmintics ... Read More

Trombidiosis in Sheep in NSW
Written by: WE Crogan, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Braidwood
This communication concerns the location and treatment of an outbreak of Trombidiosis in the Narrabri District ... Read More

Infant Lamb Mortalities
Written by: G Charles, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar
Over the past two years the opportunity has been taken to investigate a number of mortalities in infant lambs on various properties throughout the District ... Read More

Trichomoniasis in Cattle
Written by: JH Hayston, BVSc, Glenfield
Bovine Trichomoniasis is a non-febrile venereal disease of cattle characterised by difficulties associated with breeding and early abortion ... Read More

Obscure Lameness in Cattle
Written by: EG Lowe, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Coonamble
At least six separate properties have been involved, almost entirely within a radius of about 25 miles from Coonamble, and from east to south-west of that centre ... Read More

A Peculiar Condition in Jersey Calves
Written by: EA Lucas, Inspector of Stock, Maitland
The condition here described is completely new in the writer's 35 years' experience among cattle; and in 16 years in this particular District ... Read More

Sterility in Cattle — Some General Notes
Written by: HER Beattie, Glenfield
Applying the term in a broader sense, to cover lowered fertility in various degrees, sterility is an important and complex subject offering considerable scope for further investigational work ... Read More


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