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Let's Feed Our Sheep
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
A sound state of bodily nutrition is the best defence against disease, be it bacterial or parasitic - that fact is well recognised by some ... Read More

The Lesser Liver Fluke
TR Jones, Inspector of Stock, Wagga Wagga
In February, 1952, at the request of the owner a visit was paid to a property in the Leeton Irrigation Area to investigate a mortality in sheep ... Read More

Acute Fluke Infestation
FJ Madden, Inspector of Stock, Moss Vale
Information issued recently advises that doses of 4 mls. of Carbon tetrachloride (20 mls. of a single-strength mixture) have been found effective in treating cases of Acute Fluke infestation ... Read More

Botulism in Sheep
KV Byrne, Inspector of Stock, Young
The general picture presented was that the affected animal stood around in a dopey condition, slobbered from the mouth, showed nervous muscular spasms and wriggling of the tail ... Read More

A Fatal Uraemia of Sheep
WB Harding, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
The first sign noticed was that affected sheep walked with a stiff, proppy and unsteady action. Later they became cast and remained on their sides ... Read More

How Helminths Harm Their Hosts
Hugh McL Gordon, BVSc, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory
"A parasite's existence is usually an elaborate compromise between extracting sufficient nourishment to maintain and propagate itself, and not impairing too much the vitality or reducing the numbers of its host ..." Read More

Beware of B.V.T.
HER Beattie, BVSc, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield
It is useful to remember that, characteristically, brucellar abortions are late (about 7 months), while those due to trichomoniasis are early (1 to 4 months); and vibriosis tends to be intermediate ... Read More

Leptospirosis in Calves
JC Keast, BVSc, Principal Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield
Icterohaemoglobinuria or Red Water in calves has been recognised throughout Australia as a distinct disease entity for many years ... Read More

Gongylonema Spp. in the Rumen of a Cow
NCL Jones, Inspector of Stock, Tweed-Lismore
During a post-mortem examination of a cow in a suspected case of plant poisoning, a careful examination of the rumenal contents was carried out in the hope of finding ... Read More

The Treatment of Livestock Ailments
DC Blood, BVSc, Lecturer, Veterinary Medicine, University of Sydney
To-day I will concentrate on a number of diseases in which new methods of treatment are available ... Read More

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