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The SPS Agreement and Australian Quarantine Policy
Written by: Dr Dick Roe, AQIS
The SPS Agreement defines the basic rights and obligations of member countries of the WTO to take sanitary (or quarantine) measures ... Read More

Issues Associated with Chemical Residues and Export Meat
Written by: Reg Butler, AQIS Food Policy Branch
Australia exports meat to over 100 countries, many of which have sophisticated import controls and domestic lobby groups that actively campaign against foreign food imports ... Read More

Avian Influenza Outbreak, Tamworth
Written by: R McKinnon, DV Tamworth
An outbreak of virulent avian influenza occurred on three properties near Tamworth, New South Wales during November / December 1997 ... Read More

Neural Ceroid Lipofuscinosis in Merino Sheep
Written by: R McKinnon, DV Tamworth
The ceroid-lipofuscinoses are inherited neurodegenerative diseases of human beings and animals characterised by the accumulation of a fluorescent lipopigment in neurons ... Read More

Sheep Internal Parasites in the Narrabri District
Written by: S Slattery, DV Narrabri
The ultimate aims of this project were to gain knowledge that would enable local producers to more effectively and efficiently control sheep internal parasites ... Read More

Ovine Footrot in the Northern Tablelands
Written by: JA McFarlane, DV Armidale
The first area to be declared a PROTECTED area on account of footrot in sheep was the Armidale Rural Lands Protection Board in 1960 ... Read More

"Borrachera" (PE) in Cattle
Written by: JA McFarlane, DV Armidale
This is a report of the death of about 200 cattle showing classical symptoms of PE (Polioencephalomalacia) in a herd of 6,300 ... Read More


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