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Stock Disposal Scheme

Henry Clutterbuck, District Veterinarian, Goulburn

Posted Flock & Herd December 2019


Due to drought conditions, lack of feed availability and cost, and excessive numbers of stock on the market, stock owners may be unable to transport or sell their stock or afford feed and/or water for stock. In these circumstances some stock owners may be faced with the difficult decision, after considering all other options, to euthanase their drought affected stock so as to avoid animal welfare issues arising.

In many situations stock owners may not be able to cope mentally and financially with the euthanasia and disposal of their stock and may need assistance. The Stock Disposal Scheme allows for the Department of Primary Industries and the Local Land Services to assist stock owners with the euthanasia and disposal of drought affected stock.

Stock owners requiring assistance to euthanase and dispose of their stock should contact their Local Land Services (LLS) office. The LLS may be able to offer assistance but where they cannot, a contractor will be engaged to assist stock owners. LLS will ensure that all assistance given to stock owners is delivered to meet the relevant requirements.

The Scheme does not include reimbursement of stock owner for their stock. All costs for disposing of drought affected stock are covered by NSW DPI and LLS.


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