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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

District Veterinarian Conference 2009


Grain poisoning in merino ewes on wheat stubble
Written by: Katherine Marsh, DV Central West LHPA
Losses in ewes on wheat stubble with no apparent grain spills was investigated... Read more

Polioencephalomalacia in a merino flock
Written by: Steve Eastwood, District Veterinarian, New England LHPA, Armidale
In March 2008, 30 mixed aged, merino ewes died. The 500 head flock had been ... Read more

Primary copper poisoning in two flocks of ewes
Written by: Bruce Watt, DV Bathurst, Tablelands LHPA and Tristan Maugauret, Veterinary Intern, The University of Sydney
In southeastern Australia the most common cause of copper poisoining is ... Read more

Sheep lice control - investments and activities
Written by: Jane Littlejohn (a), Project Manager, Animal Health and Welfare, AWI and Johann Schr?der (b), Program Manager, Animal Health, Welfare and Productivity, AWI
AWI has invested over $4 million on lice research and lice extension since 2000 ... Read more

Virginiamycin and ad lib Sodium Bicarbonate in the Treatment of Grain Poisoning
Written by: Tony Morton , DV, Hume LHPA
In the face of high mortality in sheep provided access to a paddock with grain spills ... Read more


Bovine heritable arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (BHAMC)
Written by: DJ Gardiner, Central North LHPA
A number of cases of arthrogryposis are investigated in the Mudgee / Merriwa district ... Read more

Cost of cattle parasites in Central Tablelands of NSW
Written by: Jeff Eppleston and Bruce Watt, Tablelands LHPA
Monitoring of worm egg counts in 18 cattle herds in the Central tablelands ... Read more

Ostertagiasis Type I in yearling steers
Written by: BR Watt, DV, Tablelands LHPA and J Eppleston, Project Officer, Tablelands LHPA
Type 1 ostertagiasis typically occurs in the winter and spring in beef weaners ... Read more

Ostertagiasis Type II in beef cattle on the Northern Tablelands
Written by: Steve Eastwood, DV, New England LHPA
Type II ostertagiosis is an uncommon syndrome of synchronous maturation ... Read more