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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2013-14 Summer edition of case studies

Summer 2013-14 Sheep State Report
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands LHPA


Review of a prolonged Brucella ovis eradication program
Written by: Michaela Woolford, CSU veterinary student and Libby Read, district veterinarian North West LHPA
This report discusses a recent eradication program undertaken in an extensive Merino flock and focuses on what may have caused the prolonged course of the eradication, and questions the validity of the complement fixation test as the gold standard serological marker ... Read More


Hepatic carcinoma as a cause of chronic weight loss and diarrhoea in a murray grey cow
Written by: Bruce Watt (Central Tablelands Local land Services, Bathurst) and Rod Reece (State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Menangle)
Cases of chronic weight loss and diarrhoea of individual cows warrant investigation, in part because the differential diagnosis includes bovine Johne’s disease and other diseases of herd significance such as internal parasitism and fasciolosis. In this case the cow was found to be suffering from a hepatic carcinoma. ... Read More

Lung worm infestation in north coast beef weaners
Written by: Ainslie Lund, North Coast Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Grafton
All animals showed signs of weight loss and scours prior to death. The owner had noticed some animals, but not all, had a cough ... Read More

Suspected fluquinconazole toxicity in beef cows
Written by: Ted Irwin, District Veterinarian North West LLS (Warialda)
Poisoning with Fluquinconazole in livestock can result in clinical signs such as ataxia, weakness, and death, however reports of clinical cases from toxicity are difficult to find ... Read More

Theileria in cattle - a case presentation
Written by: Ted Irwin, District Veterinarian North West LLS (Warialda)
The effects of the Ikeda strain of Theileria have been well documented in the past few years outlining the most susceptible classes of cattle and the likely clinical signs. This case highlights that symptoms are not always classic and cases may present as neurological in appearance ... Read More



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