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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2018 Spring edition of case studies


Abomasal emptying defect in a Suffolk ewe
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst and Patrick Staples, State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, EMAI, Menangle
Abomasal emptying defect (AED) is characterized by progressive weight loss over days to months and distension and impaction of the abomasum ... Read More

Treatment of chronic copper toxicity in sheep
Written by: Belinda Edmonstone, Central West LLS, Forbes
Preventing ongoing losses from the haemolytic crisis that results when copper is suddenly released is aimed at stripping out the copper that has accumulated in the liver ... Read More


Outbreak of Histophilus in introduced weaner cattle
Written by: Judy Ellem, District Veterinarian, North West LLS and Thomas Westermann, Pathology Resident, EMAI
This case demonstrates a multifactorial disease outbreak of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRDC) with septicaemic spread of Histophilus somni ... Read More

Two cases of proximal radial nerve paralysis in cows in a small beef herd
Written by: Bruce Watt, District Veterinarian, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst
Affected cattle characteristically have an extended shoulder, a dropped elbow and carry or drag the carpus and fetlock partially flexed ... Read More


Sudden death in some milking buffalo
Written by: Dr Emma Jacobs,  Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic, SA
A total of 21 buffalo calves died, most with initial lethargy, dropping dead, or being found dead in the morning ... Read More

Worm control in horses — part 2 — worm egg counts and drenching in practice
Written by: Petrea Wait, District Veterinarian, Local Land Services Monaro
What follows are some practical examples based on a real horse enterprise with a variety of horses of different ages and management types ... Read More



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