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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2019 Winter edition of case studies


Copper poisoning in sheep grazing in a vineyard
Written by: Dr John Hammond and Dr Ariel Stephenson, Riverland Veterinary Practice, Berri, SA and Jeremy Rogers, Senior Veterinary Officer, Murray Bridge, SA
Owners of a small flock of 60 sheep grazing amongst grape vines became alarmed when seven died over the course of a few days in May 2019. The sheep had previously appeared healthy, were in good body condition, and had not been observed unwell ... Read More

Did in utero exposure to Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids cause the severe chronic hepatopathy seen in weaned Autumn-drop lambs on three central west NSW properties?
Written by: Belinda Edmonstone, Central West Local Land Services, Forbes and Patrick Staples and Anne Jordan, both of Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle
Pyrrolizidine alkaloidosis commonly affects grazing livestock in Southern Australia. Usually mature sheep show signs of hepatopathy after one or more seasons of exposure to plants high in pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) such as Paterson’s Curse and common heliotrope ... Read More

Feedlot lactic acidosis despite complete ration, buffer and roughage provided
Written by: Courtney Simkin, District Veterinarian, Hay
Lactic acidosis (grain overload or grain poisoning) can occur easily in feedlot situations; especially during the transition to a high grain ration ... Read More

Posthitis (pizzle rot) in British breed rams
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands Local Land Services and Zoe Spiers, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
This report details two cases of low prevalence posthitis in rams from which Corynebacterium spp were isolated. This condition differs from ulcerative balanitis in rams, which is of unknown aetiology ... Read More


Sand impaction causing weight loss and mortality in Angus bulls
Written by: Rebecca Densely, Bordertown and Keith Veterinary Clinics, Bordertown, SA and Jeremy Rogers, Senior Veterinary Officer, Biosecurity Division, PIRSA, Murray Bridge
In Australia the condition is seen in droughts when livestock consume soil and sand either as they attempt to graze in bare paddocks or when they are hand fed on sandy soil ... Read More



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