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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2021 Winter edition of case studies


Grass tetany (hypomagnesaemic tetany) in first cross ewes with lambs at foot
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst, David Paynter, RLS, Benalla, Victoria and Patrick Staples, EMAI, Menangle
Grass tetany is the most common killer of mature lactating cows on the Central Tablelands of NSW but it is surprisingly rare in lactating ewes ... Read More

Malignant oedema associated with naval infection in lambs
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst and Anne Jordan, EMAI, Menangle
Malignant oedema usually occurs in lambs post marking, but in these two cases, lambs were infected and died before marking ... Read More


Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita in an Angus calf
Written by: Steph Ferguson, final year student CSU, Wagga Wagga and Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst
In 2008, a new form of arthrogryposis, characterised by a low birthweight and multiple joint involvement emerged in the Angus breed following the widespread use of ... Read More

Coccidiosis causing sporadic enteric haemorrhage and sudden death in unweaned beef calves
Written by: Samantha Spark, CSU Veterinary Student, Wagga Wagga, Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst and Leah Manning and Anne Jordon, EMAI, Menangle
Bovine coccidiosis is a common parasitic disease in more intensive cattle raising areas, but is not common in more extensive Southern Australian beef grazing systems ... Read More


Rickets in grower pigs
Written by: Kate Atkinson, District Veterinarian, Coonabarabran
This report describes a case of rickets in grower pigs due to chronic nutritional imbalances ... Read More



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