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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2022 Spring edition of case studies


Hepatic Necrobacillosis in Lambs
Written by: BR Watt, Central Tablelands LLS and Patrick Staples EMAI, Menangle
In a mob of lambing White Dorper x Aussie White mature ewes two lambs had previously been found stillborn and two lambs were found sick ... Read More

Plant Poisonings of Sheep in Summer Rainfall, Non-temperate, Eastern Australia
Written by: Shaun Slattery, Local Land Services, Narrabri
In this paper, the author draws on his 30 years' experience and the observations of colleagues to describe the current field presentation, key clinical signs, key diagnostic tools, case management and prevention of plant poisonings in this part of Australia ... Read More

Yersiniosis Causing Stillbirths in Maiden Ewes
Written by: Dr Meg Parsons, District Veterinarian, Local Land Services, Northern Tablelands
The owner of a mixed farming property noticed a high number of stillborn lambs over the first five days of lambing in his maiden ewes ... Read More


Fatal Haemonchosis in Beef Heifers on the North Coast of NSW
Written by: Matthew Ball, Senior Technical Services Manager, Virbac Australia
Outbreaks of severe clinical haemonchosis are less expected in cattle than sheep but are reported each year during the warmer and wetter months in higher rainfall areas Read More


Egg-Associated Peritonitis in a Small Backyard Hen Flock
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Bathurst
The owner of a small flock of backyard hens reported that one hen had died several days previous and another was sick Read More



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