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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

District Veterinarian Conference, 2022


Flystrike Prevention and Treatment - Planning Now Required
Written by: Narelle Sales, NSW DPI, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle
There are long-, medium- and short-term strategies that should be adopted against flystrike with an overall view of reducing reliance on chemicals ... Read more

How Well Does the Elastase Test Support Clinical Footrot Diagnosis?
Written by: Alison Collins, Karen Smith and Damian Collins, NSW DPI, EMAI, and Om Dhungyel, University of Sydney
This study measured the rate of elastase clearing (digestion of elastin particles) in D. nodosus isolate cultures submitted from 184 sheep flocks in NSW ... Read more


Retrospective Study of the Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Campaign in Fiji from 2015 to 2020
Written by: Garcia A, Borja E, Reid A, Samy V, Singh Shivani, Whittington R, Toribio J-ALML
To provide evidence of the performance of the test-and-cull based BTEC program to inform revision of the BTEC strategy ... Read more

Theileria orientalis on the North Coast
Written by: Ian Poe, North Coast Local Land Services, Kempsey
Since being first detected in the region in the early 2000s anaemia due to Theileria orientalis has become a frequent diagnosis on the north coast ... Read more


Anaerobic Culture - Why? What? How?
Written by: Ana I. S. Esteves & Mark Westman, Diagnostic Veterinary Bacteriology Laboratory, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Department of Regional NSW, Menangle NSW
Anaerobic bacteria can cause animal disease as invasive pathogens, as toxigenic agents and as participants in pyogenic infections ... Read more

Climate and Disease
Written by: Nigel Brown, DV Glen Innes
This presentation considers not only the meteorological climate as it relates to disease development with the current spectre of anthropogenic climate change but also the financial, political, bureaucratic, social and emotional climates ... Read more

How I Investigate (as an Industry Funded Government Veterinarian)
Written by: Shaun Slattery, District Veterinarian
This paper will outline the livestock disease investigation principles the author has developed from 30 years as a government veterinarian ... Read more

Mass Poultry Euthanasia
Written by: Elizabeth Braddon, NSW DPI
Two methods to euthanase birds are non-penetrating captive bolts (TED guns) and the use of CO2 for mass euthanasia ... Read more

Producer Disease Reporting
Written by: Zi Yi Lim, District Veterinarian, Western Local Land Services, Broken Hill
This paper examines producer's abilities to recognise disease, their decision to report disease and actions they subsequently take ... Read more



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