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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2023 Winter edition of case studies


A large-scale poisoning event in cattle caused by Cape Tulip
Written by: Daniel Reiner, Willunga Veterinary Services, Mount Compass, SA, Julie Wayne, Gribbles VETLAB and Jeremy Rogers, PIRSA, SA
A producer lost over 100 of 200 cattle that had been grazing a 'bush block' and that were poisoned by cape tulip ... Read More

Lumpy skin disease excluded in a case of eosinophilic dermatitis in an Angus cow
Written by: Kate Atkinson, District Veterinarian, Central West LLS at Coonabarabran and Patrick Staples, EMAI, Menangle
The cow had displayed skin lesions for several months but had never been unwell and no other cattle in the mob were affected ... Read More

Two cases of chronic malignant catarrhal fever in a mob of beef cattle in Central Western New South Wales
Written by: Alicia Moses, Central West LLS, Grenfell, Nik Cronin, Central West LLS, Forbes and Anne Jordan, EMAI, Menangle
Presentation of the two heifers was very similar with signs of blindness, inappetence and rapid loss of body condition and development of neurological signs ... Read More

Unilateral pyothorax in an Angus heifer
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst, Bernadette O'Brien, final year veterinary student at CSU and Erika Bunker, EMAI, Menangle
A producer reported a heifer that was lethargic with a swollen brisket which also had noticeable weight loss and diarrhoea ... Read More


Wallaby louse flies infesting eastern grey kangaroos on the Central Tablelands of NSW
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, David Britton and Narelle Sales, EMAI, Menangle
A landholder from northeast of Bathurst noticed 10-15 flies on the body of an eastern grey kangaroo ... Read More



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