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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1937 Proceedings
20th Annual Conference

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Opening Ceremony 18th Annual Conference, 1937 ... Page 4

Office Bearers ... Page 5

Disease Control in NSW
JG Johnson, Stock Inspector, Albury, President of the Institute ... Page 7

Nutritional Troubles in Stock
HG Belschner, Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 11

The Stomach Tube and Worm Medication
Roy Stewart ... Page 19

Treatment of Parasites in Horses by Means of the Stomach Tube
Roy Stewart... Page 21

Stock Regulations of Railway Department
DJ Howse, Acting Assistant Chief Traffic Management ... Page 25

Rabbit Destruction - Pastures Protection Act
WJ Smith, Inspector of Stock, Young ... Page 29

Camping Yards on Routes and Reserves
FJ Madden, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth ... Page 35

Rabbit Proof Fences - Specificationsetc.
FJ Madden, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth ... Page 39

Stock Proof Fencing
FJ Madden , Inspector of Stock, Tamworth ... Page 42

Rabbit Proof Fence
EA Lucas, Inspector of Stock, West Maitland ... Page 45

Travelling Stock Reserves and their Management
C White, Stock Inspector, Deniliquin ... Page 50

Rabbit Destruction
HM Bloomfield, Inspector of Stock, Cooma ... Page 52

Reserves Improvement
HM Bloomfield, Inspector of Stock, Cooma ... Page 54

Breeding and Feeding of Pigs
NH Litchfield, Inspector of Stock, Bega ... Page 55

Administration of Public Watering Places and TSRs in the Western Division
JN McCulloch, Inspector of Stock, Bourke ... Page 57

Anthrax in Stock
FT Yeoman, Inspector of Stock, Narrandera ... Page 63


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