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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1944 Proceedings
27th Annual Conference

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Office bearers ... Page 5

President's Address
F Hildred, Inspector of Stock, Goulburn ... Page 7

Irrigation Farming
M Henry, Chief Division of Animal Industry, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 9

Development in NSW with Irrigation from the Murray River ... Page 11

The Control of Blowfly Strike
EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Braidwood ... Page 17

Infestation of Sheep in the Hay PP District with Worms of the Species Nematodirus
KSF Bray, Inspector of Stock, Hay ... Page 23

Treatment of Haemonchosis under Outbreak Conditions
H McL Gordon, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, CSIR ... Page 27

Dermatitis Affecting the Lower Legs of Sheep
DA Gill, McMaster Laboratory ... Page 31

Sheep Feeding on Cereal Rations
MC Franklin, McMaster Laboratory ... Page 33

Food-Borne Disease of Bacterial Origin
DF Stewart, Division of Food Preservation, CSIR ... Page 35

The Artificial Insemination of Cattle
WL Hindmarsh, Director of Veterinary Research ... Page 41

Some Field Observations on Mineral Imbalances in Cattle
FE Trevitt, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar ... Page 45

The Use of Stilboestrol in Anoestrus - Cattle
JC Beardwood, Inspector of Stock, Bathurst ... Page 49

Post Mortem Appearances in Some Swine Septicaemias
KV Byrne, Inspector of Stock, Narrandera ... Page 51

Anthrax - Notes on Control
RP Mayer, Inspector of Stock, Condobolin ... Page 59

The Collection of Blood from Fowls for Laboratory Tests
L Hart, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 61

Diet and Production
G Edgar, Senior Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 63

Pastures Protection Boards and Post War Projects
RP Mayer, Inspector of Stock, Condobolin ... Page 67

Land Settlement
TR Jones, Inspector of Stock, Forbes ... Page 71

Technical Improvements for Equipment in the Field
EA Lucas, Inspector of Stock, Maitland ... Page 75

A Note on Goitre for Lambs
DJ Walker, Inspector of Stock, Cooma ... Page 83


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