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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1946 Proceedings
29th Annual Conference

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Office bearers ... Page 5

Editorial ... Page 7

Opening Address
G Weir, Assistant Minister ... Page 9

President's Address
F Hildred, Inspector of Stock, Goulburn ... Page 13

The Food and Agriculture Organisation
RJ Noble, Director, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 15

Some Biological Aspects of Disease
M Henry, Chief Division of Animal Industry, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 21

Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning- Sheep
DJ Walker, Inspector of Stock, Cooma ... Page 41

Orchitis in Rams
EG Lowe, Inspector of Stock, Coonabmle ... Page 44

Pneumonia in Sheep - Use of Sulphonimide
FT Yeoman, Inspector of Stock, Moree ... Page 47

The Application of Artificial Insemination in the Dairy Herds of NSW as Affected by Uterine Disease
WL Hindmarsh, Director of Veterinary Research, Glenfield ... Page 49

Treatment of Sterility
TG Hungerford, Penrith ... Page 53

Unusual Mortality in Cattle - Rock Fern
TR Jones, Inspector of Stock, Forbes ... Page 55

Suspected Nardoo Poisoning - Horses
FT Yeoman, Inspector of Stock, Moree ... Page 57

Suspected Ulcerative Lymphangitis - Horses
EG Lowe, Inspector of Stock, Coonamble ... Page 60

Some Notes on the Choice and Methods of Administration of Anthelmintics to Pigs
O MacPherson, Glenfield ... Page 61

A Note on Control of Fowl Cholera
L Hart, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield ... Page 67

In the Horse Days
F Hildred, Inspector of Stock, Goulburn... Page 68

HM Shaw, Legal Officer, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 71

Long Distance Stock Transport
KSF Bray, Inspector of Stock, Hay ... Page 75

The Australian Plague Locust
SL Allman, Senior Entomologist, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 77

Trees and Stock Routes
R Powles, Soil Conservation Service ... Page 81

Soil Erosion in the Western Division
PWV Arthur, Inspector of Stock, Cobar-Wilcannia ... Page 85

Railway Certificates - Stock Fodder
W Drummond, Commercial Officer, Dept of Railways ... Page 89

Pertinent Queries ... Page 105


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