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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1947 Proceedings
30th Annual Conference

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Office bearers ... Page 5

Annual Conference Opening Address
EH Graham, Minister of Agriculture ... Page 7

Presidential Address
F Hildred ... Page 13

Max Henry - The Institute Says Farewell ... Page 15

Our Institute - More Early History ... Page 25

The Buffalo Fly
HG Belschner, Deputy Chief, Division of Animal Industries, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 27

Some South African Experiences
G Edgar, Senior Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 45

Subterranean Clover and Infertility in Sheep
WL Hindmarsh, Director Veterinary Research ... Page 49

A Note on Infertility and Other Phenomena of Sheep Grazing Pastures Consisting Mainly of Subterranean Clover
TR Jones, Inspector of Stock, Forbes ... Page 53

Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning of Sheep
DJ Walker, Inspector of Stock, Cooma ... Page 57

Unusual Effect of Grass Seed in Sheep
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar ... Page 59

This Question of Artificial Insemination
HER Beattie, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 61

Chronic Foreign Body Pneumonia
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar... Page 67

A Note on the Apparent Toxicity of Craspedia chrysantha - 'Yellow Top' or 'Billy Button'
KSF Bray, Inspector of Stock, Hay ... Page 69

Ascaris Infestation in Pigs
JC Beardwood, Inspector of Stock, Bathurst ... Page 73

Control of Stickfast Flea
JE Cantello, Inspector of Stock, Broken Hill .. Page 79

The Stickfast Flea of Poultry
KV Byrne, Inspector of Stock, Narrandera ... Page 83

Recent Advances in Therapeutics
DC Blood, Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine, University of Sydney ... Page 89

The 1945-1946 Drought in the Northwest
EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Walgett and Walgett North ... Page 94

A Scheme for the Control of Droughts in Australia
RP Mayer, Inspector of Stock, Condobolin ... Page 97

Some Recent Improvements in Sheep Dips
NPH Graham, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory ... Page 102

The 1946-1947 Grasshopper Outbreak
SL Allman, Senior Entomologist, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 107

Some Pitfalls in 'Simple' Prosecutions
HR Peisley, Inspector of Stock, Gundagai ... Page 113

Sale of Diseased Sheep
RP Gilder, Inspector of Stock, Coonabarabran ... Page 121


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