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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1955 Proceedings
38th Annual Conference

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Office bearers ... Page 5

Opening Address
DA Gill, Chief, Division of Animal Health and Production, CSIRO ... Page 7

Presidential Address
WB Harding, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth ... Page 11

Glenfield Veterinary Research Station
G Edgar, Director, Glenfield ... Page 15

HG Belschner - Retirement ... Page 17

Notes on a Visit to the Territory of Papua and New Guinea
RJ Noble, Under-Secretary and Director, Department of Agriculture ... Page 19

Our Institute, 'A Short History' is Continued ... Page 21

Hypocuprosis in Merino Sheep in Oberon District
RC and CW Sparks, Gingkin and DG Christie, District Veterinary Officer, Orange ... Page 29

Neoplasms in Ewes, Apparent Association with Radical Mules Operation
LAW Mactier, Inspector of Stock, Moree ... Page 35

Digestive Disturbance in Sheep, An Effect of Pellet Concentrate
CD Gee, Inspector of Stock, Braidwood ... Page 37

Some Thoughts of Australia's Contribution of World Food Problems
G Edgar, Director of Veterinary Research, Glenfield ... Page 43

Bovine Malignant Catarrh
IG Pearson, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 49

Mercurial Poisoning in Pigs
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes ... Page 53

Infertility Notes
HER Beattie, Special Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 55

Diseases Associated with Droughts
EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Glen Innes-Inverell ... Page 62

'Trembling' in New Born Pigs
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes ...Page 65

Goulburn Abattoir - An Example of Decentralisation
AE Towns, Manager ... Page 67

Industrial Aviation
IH Grabowsky, Planning and Development Manager, Australian National Airways ... Page 71

The Present State of Some Animal Diseases in Asia
RVS Bain, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Bacteriology, University of Sydney ... Page 77

Some Recent Developments of Insecticides in Veterinary Practice
NPH Graham, Technical Adviser, W Cooper and Nephews (Aust) ... Page 79

The Water Harvesting Project, McGarvie Smith Animal Husbandry Farm, Badgery's Creek
HJ Geddes ... Page 83

Pasture Improvement with Special Reference to Trace Elements
FW Cradock, Chemist's Branch, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 85


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