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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1959 Proceedings
42nd Annual Conference

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Office bearers ... Page 3

Members ... Page 5

Opening Address
HEC Fuller ... Page 9

Presidential Address
DH Mumford ... Page 10

Dr Noble ... Page 13

Visit to Glenfield, 1959
G Edgar ... Page 15

The Effect of Disease on Animal Production
CC Blumer ... Page 17

Ovine Brucellosis
JC Keast ... Page 21

An Unusual Case of Traumatic Balanitis in Border Leicester Rams
DH Mumford ... Page 26

Infertility in Sheep Grazing on Red Clover
EA Farleigh ... Page 37

The Importance of the Frequency of Replenishment in Exhausting Sheep Dips
NPH Graham ... Page 41

Haemorrhagic Diseses in Chickens
B Sinkovic ... Page 43

Some Recent Advances in Genetics from the Point of View of Animal Breeding
JSF Barker ... Page 44

Some Newer Virus Diseases of Farm Animals
KG Johnson ...Page 49

Sudan Grass Poisoning in Cattle
AR Omar ... Page 55

Cancer of the Bovine Eye
DJ Walker ... Page 71

Apparent Water Intoxication in Cattle
KSF Bray ... Page 84

Field Trials
MR Barry ... Page 89


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