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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1963 Proceedings
46th Annual Conference

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Office Bearers ... Page 3

Members - 1963 ... Page 5

Opening Address
Hon. AG Enticknap,MLA, Minister for Agriculture and Conservation ... Page 9

Presidential Address
WB Harding, BVSc, Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth ... Page 11

Conference Address
Grahame Edgar, DVSc, Director-General NSW Department of Agriculture ... Page 17

Some Aspects of Disease Control in New South Wales
RM Watts, BVSc, Chief Division of Animal Industry, NSW ... Page 19

Glenfield - Visit to Veterinary Research Station ... Page 24

The Pastoral Industry and Division of Science Services
GJ Shanahan, BScAgr, MSc, PhD, Division of Science Services, NSW Department of Agriculture ... Page 26

Some Nervous Diseases of Ruminants
WJ Hartley, MRCVS, Senior Lecturer in Preventative Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney ... Page 33

A Major Mortality in Cattle, Suspected Botulism
GJ Fisher, BVSc, District Veterinary Officer, Cumberland; O Oerdoegh, VMD, Nowra; and JC Beardwood, BVSc, Veterinary Inspector, Camden ... Page 37

The Residual Infertility Problem in Dairy Herds
TJ McLure, BVSc, Department of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Sydney ... Page 41

Changing Concepts with Coliform Diseases
KG Johnson, BVSc, Dep. Bact. (Lond.), Senior Clinical Pathologist, University of Sydney, School of Veterinary Science, Rural Veterinary Centre, Camden, NSW ... Page 46

The Milk Ring Test for Brucellosis
PT Diplock, BVSc, Veterinary Inspector, Warialda-Inverell ... Page 50

Pregnancy Testing of Beef Cattle
EA Farleigh, BVSc, Veterinary Inspector, Glen Innes ... Page 52

Recent Concepts of the Development and Control of Ruminant Urolithiasis
IL Johnstone, BVSc, Associate Professor in Wool Technology, The University of New South Wales ... Page 53

Current Research on Face Cover as it Affects the Fertility of Merino Sheep
RB Dun, BVSc, PhD, Wool Research Laboratory, Trangie ... Page 59

Photosensitisation in Sheep - Cowra District
EP Buckley, BVSc, Veterinary Inspector, Cowra ... Page 64

Swine Fever Developments During the Past Twelve Months and the Future Outlook
NK Golding, BVSc, Principal Veterinary Officer, NSW Department of Agriculture ... Page 72

Respiratory Diseases in Fowls
B Sinckovic, VMD, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Rural Veterinary Centre, The University of Sydney, Camden ... Page 79

Collection and Presentation of Evidence
ST Beal, LLB, Legal Officer, NSW Dept. of Agriculture ... Page 83


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