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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1974 Proceedings
57th Annual Conference

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Address to Association of Veterinary Inspectors of NSW
DM Flynn, President AVA ... Page 2

Presidential Address for 1974
CHR Dent ... Page 5

Address by Director-General of Agriculture
RM Watts ... Page 7

Synchronisation - A Revolution in Controlled Breeding
H Hearnshaw & BJ Restall ... Page 9

The Departmental Position in Brucellosis Eradication in NSW
FW Evans ... Page 16

Bovine Brucellosis in the Area of District Veterinary Officer, Central West
BP Healy ... Page 25

Haemorrhagic Enteritis in Lambs
MR Barry ... Page 29

Johnes Disease in Cattle
PG Honey ... Page 31

Anthrax Moree 1974
GW Eggleston ... Page 32

PS Green ... Page 33

Trichomoniasis in Cattle
PJ Ahrens ... Page 34

Enchaphalomyocarditis Virus in Pigs
RI Walker ... Page 36

Health Education in Hydatid Control - The First Step
WT Wilson ... Page 38

Hydatids in Dingoes
AE Newsome ... Page 41

Stinkwook Zieria aborescens Poisoning of Cattle in South Coastal NSW
W de-Sarem & EJ McBarron ... Page 42

Comparative Efficiency and Safety Indexes of Anthelmintics Against Fasciola hepatica in Sheep and Cattle
NJ Campbell ... Page 43


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