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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1975 Proceedings
58th Annual Conference

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Address to Association of Veterinary Inspectors and Opening of the Conference
RM Watts, Director-General of Agriculture ... Page 1

Presidential Address for 1975
CHR Dent ... Page 5

Address by Chief, Division of Animal Industry, Dept of Agriculture
RA Hall ... Page 8

Goitre in Lambs
JW Plant, Special Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 12

Infection in Pigs with Encephalomyocarditis Virus
H Acland, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 16

Drought Relief
B Roberts, Principal Officer (Drought), Dept of Agriculture ... Page 18

Johnes Disease in the Riverina
B Scott Rogers ... Page 24

Scours in Calves
IR Littlejohns ... Page 28

Chlamydial Arthritis in Lambs
RI Walker ... Page 34

Cestode Trials in Lambs
WB Harding ... Page 40

Copper Deficiency in Cattle
PG Honey ... Page 42

Copper in Cattle
G Gee ... Page 44

An Outbreak of Tuberculosis at Canowindra, 1973
CHR Dent ... Page 47

Viral-Induced Congenital Development Abnormalities of the Central Nervous System of Calves
WJ Hartley ... Page 50

Congenital Polioencephalomyelitis and Hydranencephaly in Cattle
CD Gee ... Page 53


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