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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1976 Proceedings
59th Annual Conference

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List of Members of the Association ... Page 1

Presidential Address for 1976
CHR Dent ... Page 2

Address by Director-General of Agriculture
RM Watts ... Page 5

Disease Control in NSW During 1975-1976
DH Mumford, Chief, Division of Animal Industry, Dept Agriculture ... Page 11

Australian Animal Quarantine Service - Problems and Developments
GJ Skillman, Principal Veterinary Officer (Quarantine) ... Page 16

Drought Management and Feeding
VH Oddy, Chemist, Glenfield
GE Robards, Principal Livestock Research Officer,
... Page 22

Mannosidosis in Cattle
PJ Healy ... Page 39

Failure of Footrot Vaccines
DG Christie, Deputy Chief, Division of Animal Industries ... Page 40

Veterinary Surgeons and the Poison Act 1966
BT Mewes, Acting Senior Pharmacist, Therapeutic Goods Branch, Health Commission of NSW ... Page 44

Some Nutritional Factors which Affect the Fertility of Dairy Cattle
AP Hunter, Veterinary Officer, Nowra ... Page 49

Mechanisms of Immunity, Metazoan Parasites
JD Kelly, Department of Pathology, University of Sydney ... Page 52

Brucellosis Eradication
FW Evans, Acting Principal VO (TB and Brucellosis) ... Page 58

Hydatid Control Programme
RC Denyer, Acting Principal VO, Division of Animal Industry ... Page 61

Fowl Plague - An Exotic Exercise
PT Gilchrist, Special Veterinary Officer (Poultry Health) ... Page 65


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