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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1978 Proceedings
61st Annual Conference

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Opening Address
Ian Sinclair, Minister of Primary Industries, Canberra ... Page 4

Presidential Address for 1978
PJ Ahrens, Veterinary Inspector, Molong ... Page 7

Developments Within the Department During the Year
RB Dun, Deputy Director-General, NSW Dept of Agriculture ... Page 9

Animal Disease Control in NSW
DH Mumford, Chief, Division of Animal Industry ... Page 19

Viral Abortion and Metritis in Mares
WP Howey, Scone ... Page 24

Quarantine in Regard to Importation of Horses
GT Skilman, Principal Veterinary Officer (Quarantine) ... Page 31

Management Programmes for Worm Control in Beef Cattle
M Smeal, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 35

Development of an Anthelmintic
DR Johns, Smith, Kline & French Laboratory ... Page 39

Worm Resistance to Anthelmintics
LF LeJambre, CSIRO, Division of Animal Health, Armidale ... Page 41

Hydatid Disease
TC Beard, Department of Health, Canberra ... Page 47

Actinobacillus seminis Infection in Rams
JV Evers, Veterinary Inspector, Narrandera ... Page 49

Enteropathies in the Post-Weaned Pig
RI Walker , Veterinary Inspector, Young ... Page 53

Ringworm in Pigs
EA Farleigh , Veterinary Inspector, Camden ... Page 58

Phosphorus Deficiency in Cattle
MR Barry , Veterinary Inspector, Albury ... Page 62

Comments on the Biology of Feral Pigs in the Braidwood PPB
KG Hart , Veterinary Inspector, Braidwood ... Page 65

Sheep Mortality - A Case Report
EP Buckley , Veterinary Inspector, Wagga Wagga ... Page 69

Mucosal Disease and its Familial Incidence
IR Littlejohns , Assistant Principal Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 71

Some Problems with Bees and Trout
M Hornitzky, (Microbiology) Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield ... Page 75


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