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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1979 Proceedings
62nd Annual Conference

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Presidential Welcome ... Page 1

Opening Address
GT Hitchick, Chairman, Council of Advice to PP Boards ... Page 2

Presidential Address
SN Carroll, Veterinary Inspector, Yass ... Page 4

Developments Within the Department During the Year 1978/79
RB Dun, Deputy Director-General, NSW Dept of Agriculture ... Page 7

Animal Disease Control in NSW 1978/79
DH Mumford, Chief, Division of Animal Industry ... Page 15

Programme of Vist to Glenfield Research Station ... Page 22

The Simbu Group of Viruses
G Gard ... Page 22

Survey of Copper Status in Cattle
PJ Healy, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 26

Eperythrozoonosis and the Coombs Test on Sheep Erythrocytes
IR Littlejohns, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 26

Liver Biopsy in Cattle
KH Walker, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 27

Bluetongue Epidemiology
RW Burton, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 28

Iodine Teat Skin Sanitation
R Sheldrake, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 29

Vaccination of Chickens by Sprays and Aerosols - A Technological Development
CAW Jackson, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 30

Recent Advances in Vaccine Production
AC Webster, Arthur Webster & Co Pty Ltd ... Page 36

Future Trends in Antibiotics
AD Siwak, Beecham Veterinary Products ... Page 37

Diagnosis of Bacteroides nodosus Infections in Sheep and Cattle
DJ Stewart, CSIRO, McMaster Laboratory ... Page 44

Hereditary Neuraxial Oedema in Poll Herefords
FL Clark, Veterinary Inspector, Armidale ... Page 47

The Epiemiology Branch of the Bureau and the Possible Future Involvement of Veterinary Inspectors and Veterinary Officers
RT Roe, Australian Bureau of Animal Health ... Page 50

The Epidemiology of Nardoo Poisoning in Sheep
BF Chick, Veterinary Research Officer, Armidale
GW Eggleston, Veterinary Inspector, Moree
MB McCleary, Biochemist, Biological and Chemical Institute, Rydalmere
... Page 55

The Epidemiology of Brucellosis in the New England Area and its Relationship to Decision Making
DC Rolfe, VO (Brucellosis) ... Page 61

Interesting Case Reports
PJ Ahrens, Veterinary Inspector, Molong ... Page 68

Anthrax - Pathological Fact and Fiction
JV Evers, Veterinary Inspector, Narrandera ... Page 73

Possible 'Response' to Selenium in Cattle
KG Timmins , Veterinary Inspector, Cooma ... Page 77

Oelematous Condition of Ovine Foetus
SN Carroll , Veterinary Inspector, Yass ... Page 81

Some Observations on the Destruction or Treatment of Burnt Stock in the Wake of Bushfires
SN Carroll , Veterinary Inspector, Yass... Page 85


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