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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1980 Proceedings
63rd Annual Conference

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Opening Address
Professor MJ Edwards, Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney ... Page 1

Ministerial Address
The Hon. JR Hallam, Minsiter for Agriculture ... Page 6

Presidential Address
RI Walker, Veterinary Inspector, Young ... Page 9

Developments Within the Department During the Year
RM Watts, Director-General, NSW Dept of Agriculture ... Page 11

Animal Disease Control in NSW During the Last Twelve Months
DH Mumford, Chief, Division of Animal Industry ... Page 22

Splay Leg in Pigs
PS Green, Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo ... Page 29

Crofton Weed Poisoning in Horses
DB Unger, Veterinary Inspector, Casino ... Page 30

Poisons Legislation - its Relevance to Veterinary Medicine - Recent Changes - Common Problems
BT Mewes. Acting Chief Pharmacist, Health Commission of NSW ... Page 34

Adverse Reactions Following the Use of a Proprietary Injectable Copper Compound
JM Wilson, Veterinary Inspector, Tweed-Lismore ... Page 38

A Condition Resembling Nitrite Poisoning in Pigs
JM Wilson, Veterinary Inspector, Tweed-Lismore ... Page 40

Sporadic Bovine Encephalomyelitis in Cattle in the Tamworth PP Board 1979-1980
GW Eggleston, Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth
... Page 42

A Development Abnormality in New Born Lambs
MR Barry, Veterinary Inspector, Albury ... Page 44

Hypocalcaemia and Hypomagnesaemia of Weaner Lambs Grazing Oat Stubbles
AG Morton , Veterinary Inspector, Gundagai ... Page 46

Johnes Disease of Cattle in Southern Irrigation Districts
DD Salmon , Veterinary Inspector, Deniliquin ... Page 49

Pregnancy Toxaemia and Enterotoxaemia
NB King, Private Practitioner, Bexley ... Page 54

Brucellosis in the Field
J Keogh, Director, Brucellosis Eradication ... Page 59

Brucellosis Eradication in the Gloucester PP Board District
RE Moore, Veterinary Inspector, Gloucester ... Page 64

Brucellosis Symposium
JM Wilson, Veterinary Inspector, Tweed-Lismore ... Page 66

Brucellosis Eradication - Problems Encountered
MR Barry, Veterinary Inspector, Albury ... Page 68

Problems with Brucellosis Eradication in Warialda Area
M Emms, Veterinary Inspector, Warialda ... Page 71

Distribution of Brucellosis Complement Fixation Titres in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Herds
C Gee, Veterinary Inspector, Goulburn ... Page 75

Laboratory Aspects of Bovine Brucellosis
JE Searson, Veterinary Laboratory, Wagga ... Page 82

Kikuyu Grass Poisoning of Cattle
K Walker, Glenfield Research Station ... Page 88

Control of Resistant Nematodes
CA Hall, Glenfield Research Station ... Page 90


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