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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1981 Proceedings
64th Annual Conference

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Official Opening
GH Knowles ... Page 1

Presidential Address
RI Walker, Veterinary Inspector, Young ... Page 7

Animal Disease Control in NSW During the Last Twelve Months
DA Dickinson, Chief, Division of Animal Industry ... Page 11

Veterinary Inspector Reports
DT Jones, Acting Director, Animal Disease Control, Division of Animal Health, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 19

Oestrogens in Lucerne
JW Plant, SVR, Glenfield ... Page 23

Quality Control Among Regional Veterinary Laboratories in NSW
PD Claxton, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 24

Eperythrozoonosis in Sheep
IR Littlejohns, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 25

Bluetongue Review
RW Burton, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 26

Update on Nematode Resistance to Anthelmintics
CA Hall, VRS, Glenfield
... Page 27

Selenium Analyses
PJ Healy, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 28

Inherited Enzyme Deficiences
PJ Healy, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 29

Bacteroides nodosus Vaccines
PD Claxton, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 30

Studies of the Body Strike Problem of Sheep
JE Watts, VRS Glenfield and GC Merritt, McMaster Laboratory, CSIRO ... Page 37

Levamisole Toxicity in Lambs
SJ Whittaker, Veterinary Inspector, Glen Innes / Inverell ... Page 48

Vibrionic Abortion in Sheep
SJ Whittaker, Veterinary Inspector, Glenn Innes / Inverell ... Page 50

Nutritional Myopathy in Sheep
EP Buckley, Veterinary Inspector, Wagga Wagga ... Page 52

Blindness in Pigs Attributed to Hygromycin B (a case report)
P Green , Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo ... Page 54

Onion Poisoning in Cattle
E Sergeant, Veterinary Inspector, Jerilderie ... Page 55

Mineral Deficiency in Cattle
P Andrew , Veterinary Inspector, Hay ... Page 57

Pyrollizidine Alkaloidosis in Sheep and Cattle in the Riverina
D Salmon, Veterinary Inspector, Deniliquin ... Page 62

Malignant Catarrhal Fever in Deer
S Love, Veterinary Inspector, Coonamble ... Page 64

Congenital Cardiomyopathy in the Poll Hereford Breed
IR Harridine, Veterinary Inspector, Grafton ... Page 67

An Interesting Tuberculosis Breakdown
B Unger, Veterinary Inspector, Casino ... Page 71

Tuberculosis Breakdown Herd
R Irvine, Veterinary Inspector, Denman-Singleman ... Page 73

Lockhart v Osman (legal section)
DD Salmon, Veterinary Inspector, Deniliquin ... Page 76

Panimcum laevifolium - A Cause of Photosensitisation in Sheep
FL Clark, Veterinary Inspector, Armidale ... Page 77

Questionnaire 1980
RI Walker, Veterinary Inspector, Young ... Page 79

Enzootic Pneumonia in Pigs
KJ Armstong, Elanco, West Ryde ... Page 85

Developments in the Management of intensive Piggeries
JM Holder, Veterinary Consultant, Sabemo Rural Services ... Page 88

Summer Infertility in Sows
RJ Love, Dept Veterinary Clinical Studies, University of Sydney ... Page 93

An Epidemiological Approach to Pig Health
D Kennedy, Veterinary Officer, Wagga Wagga ... Page 97

The Australian National Animal Health Laboratory (ANAHL)
WA Snowdon, OIC, ANAHL, Geelong ... Page 104

Export of Livestock
GC Carter, Port Veterinary Officer, Dept of Agriculture ... Page 110

Some of the Recent Developments in Animal Quarantine
KA Doyle, Assistant Director-General, Dept of Health, Woden ... Page 112


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