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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1982 Proceedings
65th Annual Conference

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Official Welcome ... Page 1

List of Active Members ... Page 2

Official Opening
Dr TE Gibson, President, British Veterinary Association ... Page 3

Presidential Address
GW Eggleston, Veterinary Inspector Tamworth ... Page 5

Address to the 65th Annual Conference of the Association of Veterinary Inspectors of New South Wales
Dr KP Sheridan, Deputy Director-General, NSW Dept Ag ... Page 7

Developments in Animal Health in New South Wales
DA Dickinson, Chief, Division of Animal Health, NSW Dept Ag ... Page 12

Anthelmintic Resistance in Gastrintestinal Nematodes from Goats
CA Hall, NSW Dept Ag, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield ... Page 17

Immunity in Infection and Vaccination
J Chin, Immunology, CVL, Glenfield... Page 18

P Healy, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 18

Mastitis in Goats
RJT Hoare , VRS, Glenfield ... Page 19

Deveopments in Mastitis Control
RJT Hoare, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 19

Planning and Conduct of Sheep Fertility Investigations
JW Plant, SVRO, VRS, Glenfield ... Page 21

The NSW Meat Industry Authority - Past, Present and Future
BF Regan, Chairman, NSW MIA ... Page 32

Report on Mortality in Calves
JA Macfarlane , Veterinary Inspector, Narrabri ... Page 39

Avian Tuberculosis
R Barry, Veterinary Inspector, Albury ... Page 41

Interesting Pesticide Problems
IR Harradine, Veterinary Inspector, Grafton ... Page 45

Dieldrin Residues - an Interesting Case Report
JM Wilson, Veterinary Inspector, Tweed-Lismore ... Page 49

Pesticides in the Tamworth Pastures Protection Board
GW Eggleston , Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth ... Page 52

Grass Seed Infestation of Sheep
JB Kemp, Veterinary Inspector, Forbes ... Page 54

Screw-Worm Fly
DR Thompson, DVO, Orange ... Page 63

Tribulus Ataxia or Cathead Staggers
CA Bourke, RVL, Orange ... Page 65

Field Experiences with Footrot Vaccine
KJ Astill, ICI Australia Operations Pty Ltd ... Page 80

Lice Control in Sheep - the Departmental View
BP Healy, Director, Animal Disease Control, NSW Dept Ag ... Page 85

Some Technical Aspects of Lice Control in Sheep
AN Sinclair, Senior Lecturuer, School of Wool and Pastoral Sciences, Faculty of Applied Science, University of NSW ... Page 92

Sheep Lice - A Chemical Industry View
DE Leyonhjelm, Veterinary Scientific Adviser, Wellcome Australia Limited ... Page 99

The Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Campaign (BTEC) - a National Overview
WA Scanlan and LG Andrews, Australian Bureau of Animal Health, Canberra ... Page 102

Brucellosis Eradication Campaign - State Position
J Keogh, Director, Brucellosis Campaign, Dept Ag, Sydney ... Page 112

Animal Quarantine Miscellany
GJ Skillman,Director, animal Quarantine, Dept Ag, Sydney ... Page 125

Computers and Veterinary Science
DT Jones, Assistant Director, Animal Disease Control, Dept Ag, Sydney ... Page 130

Technical Notes on the Sire Sine Magnesium Capsule for the Prevention of Grass Tetany
W Sykes, RVO, Benalla ... Addendum


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