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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1986 Proceedings
69th Annual Conference

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List of Active Members ... Page 1

Official Welcome ... Page 3

Official Opening
M Tooth, President, Livestock & Grain Producers Association of NSW ... Page 5

Presidential Address
JV Evers, Veterinary Inspector, Young ... Page 11

Developments within the Department During the Past Year
G Gregory, Deputy Director General, NSW Dept Ag ... Page 15

Review of Disease Control Activities - Division of Animal Health
PJ Mylrea, Deputy Chief, Division of Animal Health .. . Page 27

Discussions with Departmental Officers on Disease control Matters

Sheep Lice
H Scott-Orr, Acting Director Disease Control ... Page 40

D Rolfe, Assistant Principle Veterinary Officer, Animal Health Services ... Page 41

Exotic Disease Update
FR Doughty, Principal Veterinary Officer, Animal Quarantine and Exotic Disease Control ... Page 48

Technical Discussions with Staff from Central Veterinary Laboratory, Glenfield

Agriculture in Scandinavia
MR Barry, Veterinary Inspector, Albury / Hume ... Page 52

Cobalt Deficiency in Cattle
PL Greentree, Veterinary Inspector, Tenterfield ... Page 57

Chlamydial Disease in Sheep and Cattle
JB Kemp, Veterinary Inspector, Forbes ... Page 67

Review of Disease Problems in Goats
R North, Special Veterinary Officer (Goats), Newcastle... Page 120

Control of Internal Parasites in Goats
B Hall, Veterinary Inspector, Armidale ... Page 125

Goat Fibre Production and Management
DL Stapleton, 'Gundamain' Cudal ... Page 154

The Dairy Goat Industry
P Greenwood, Dairy Goat Advisory Officer, Camden ... Page 163

Epidemiological Approach to Disease Investigation JD Williams, Director, Board of Tick Control, Lismore ... Page 175

Anthelmic Resistance
P Waller, CSIRO, McMaster Laboratory, Sydney ... Page 184

The Merino Industry
P Holmes, MSD Agvet, Sydney ... Page 209

R Richmond, Fire Control Officer, Forestry Commission of NSW, Sydney ... Page 225

Involvement of Veterinary Inspectors in Bushfire Situations
CD Gee, Veterinary Inspector, Goulburn ... Page 259

Bushfires - Administration and Lessons
KG Hart, Veterinary Inspector, Braidwood and D Duncan, Veterinary Inspector, Yass ... Page 271

Untoward Reactions Subsequent to Avermectin Treatment of Cattle
CHR Dent, Veterinary Inspector, Carcoar ... Page 288

Selenium Deficiency in Dairy Cattle
MJ Emms, Veterinary Inspector, Denman / Singleton ... Page 293

Hepatopathy in Cattle Associated with Ingestion of Fireweed
RE Moore, Veterinary Inspector, Gloucester ... (Curioiusly, this article does not have a page number listed, nor does it appear in the proceedings)

An Outbreak of Mycotoxins in Pigs
G Simpson, Veterinary Inspector, Condobolin ... Page 300

Dog Heartworm Prevalence in Canberra
D Rennel, ACT Veterinary Service ... Page 309


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