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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1987 Proceedings
70th Annual Conference

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List of Active Members ... Page 1

Official Opening
Dr T Collins, National President, Australian Veterinary Association ... Page 3

Presidential Address
JV Evers, Veterinary Inspector, Young ... Page 6

Developments within the Department
G Gregory, Deputy Director General, NSW Dept Ag ... Page 10

Disease Control Review
PJ Mylrea, Chief, Division of Animal Health .. . Page 23

Discussions with Departmental Officers on Disease Control Matters

TB & Brucellosis - Towards Freedom in 1988
H Scott-Orr, Director Disease Control ... Page 32

Central Veterinary Laboratory, Glenfield Report

Sheep Losses from a Cold, Wet Weather Change in Summer
PJ Ahrens, Veterinary Inspector, Molong ... Page 37

Q Fever and its Prevention
Dr Phillip Jones, Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney ... Page 44

Member's Papers

The Sheep Industry in North America
PJ Ahrens, Veterinary Inspector, Molong ... Page 59

BHC Residues in a North Coast Piggery
JM Wilson, Veterinay Inspector, Tweed / Lismore ... Page 67

Dieldrin Residues in Dairy Cattle
M Emms, Veterinary Inspector, Denman / Singleton ... Page 74

Clover Associated Photosensitisation
SJ Whittaker, Veterinary Inspector, Narrandera... Page 91

Computer Applications for Veterinary Inspectors
CD Gee, Veterinary Inspector, Goulburn ... Page 103

Serological Testing for Leptospirosis in the Tamworth Pastures Protection Board
ES Sergeant, Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth ... Page 124

Clincal items
- Epiphysiolysis in Capitis Femoris ... Page 132
- A Shocking Mortality in Pigs ... Page 134
- A Scrotum with a Ram Attached ... Page 136
PS Green, Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo

Ovine Johne's Disease in Carcoar PPB, 1980 - 87
CHR Dent, Veterinary Inspector, Carcoar ... Page 138

Epidemiology of Porcine Parvovirus
JA MacFarlane, Veterinary Inspector, Armidale ... Page 148


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