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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1990 Proceedings
73rd Annual Conference

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Welcome to EMAI
Barry Baillie ... Starts here

Immulogical diagnosis of Bovine Abortions
R Gogolewski, EMAI ... Starts here

Studies of a Pestivirus carrier bull in an AI centre
PD Kirkland, SG Richards and JT Rothwell ... Starts here

Is there a role for serology in the Footrot Strategic Plan
RJ Whittington, EMAI .. . Starts here

Factors affecting muscle integrity
KH Walker, RVL ... Starts here

Excerpts from the engine room (RVL)
PAW Harper, OIC, RVL ... Starts here

Veterinary services for the 1990s
H Scott-Orr, Chief, Division of Animal Health ... Starts here

Animal health research into the next century
A Donald, CSIRO ... Starts here

Commercial and technical constraints to the development and future use of animal medications
GA Reed, Veterinary Services Manager, Coopers, Pitman-Moore ... Starts here

Consumer expectations of animal health
L Sylvan, Manager Policy and Public Affairs, Australian Consumer Association ... Starts here

Enhanced greenhouse effect
M Gorta ... Starts here

Organic animal production systems ... Starts here

Management of chemical residues in sewage sludge on agricultural land
A Ross, J Keneally and R Lawrie, NSW Agriculture and Fisheries ... Starts here

Chemical residues in livestock minimisation programs
J Archer, Principal Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Public Health ... Starts here

Whole farm approach to the control of internal parasites
David Sackett ... Starts here

Use and misuse of chemicals for external parasite control in sheep
J Plant, Special Veterinary Officer, Sheep, EMAI ... Starts here

Cattle tick control - Yeoval
L Cook, Veterinary Officer, Orange ... Starts here

The use of medicated stockfeeds in animal health programmes
RE Johnston ... Starts here

An epidemiological approach to disease certification
DJ Kennedy ... Starts here

Disease information systems
R Burton, Assistant Principal Veterinary Officer ... Starts here

Vetlink - The field perspective
TM Jessep, SFVO Goulburn ... Starts here

Computerised disease recording systems
E Sergeant, Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth ... Starts here

Progress report on the Footrot Strategic Plan
I Roth, Principal Veterinary Officer, Endemic Diseases ... Starts here

Establishing effective footrot control groups
T Morton, Veterinary Inspector, Wagga Wagga ... Starts here

Establishing effective footrot control groups
J Cramp, Footrot Advisory Officer, Goulburn ... Starts here

The logistics of footrol control
D Alley ... Starts here

Field perceptions of footrot research needs
D Jordan, Veterinary Officer, Queanbeyan ... Starts here


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