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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1992 Proceedings
75th Annual Conference

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Official Opening
Hon Ian Armstong, Minister for Agriculture ... Page 1

Presidential Address
SJ Whittaker, Veterinary Inspector, Albury ... Page 6

Developments within the Department
I Coffey, Executive Director (Regulatory), NSW Agriculture ... Page 11

Changes in Animal Health Administration in NSW
H Scott-Orr, Chief, Division of Animal Industries, NSW Agriculture.. . Page 24

Progress Report on the Footrot Strategic Plan, 27th April, 1992
IJ Roth, PVO (Endemic Diseases) NSW Agriculture ... Page 28

Disease Surveillance
RW Burton, APVO (Animal Health Services) NSW Agriculture ... Page 35

Scouring, Parasites and Illthrift in Merino Weaners
JA Mafarlane, District Veterinarian, Armidale ... Page 36

Myopathy Due to Vitamin E Deficiency and Associated with Heliotrope Poisoning
J Godwin, District Veterinarian, Gundagai ... Page 42

Mycotoxicoses in the Young District
JV Evers, District Veterinarian, Young ... Page 46

S More, District Veterinarian, Coonamble ... Page 55

South American Livestock Industries
IR Harradine, District Veterinarian, Grafton ... Page 56

Structure and Functions of Regional Veterinary Laboratory, Orange
JT Seaman, RVL, Orange ... Page 58

Research Projects at RVL, Orange
CA Bourke, RVL, Orange ... Page 60

Brucella ovis Research
Mark Carrigan, SVRO, RVL, Orange ... Page 61

Johnes Disease Research
Mark Carrigan, SVRO, RVL, Orange ... Page 62

Treatment of Sarcoptic Mange in Pigs with Ivermectin
JT Seaman, RVL, Orange ... Page 65

Comparison of the Gamma-Interferon Assay and SID Tests for the Diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis in a Mudgee Beef Herd
HV Grant-Frost, Veterinary Inspector, Mudgee ... Page 66

A Bloat Mortality and the Use of Rumensin Anti-Bloat Capsules
B Kemp, Veterinary Inspector, Forbes ... Page 68

Mark Carrigan, RVL, Orange ... Page 74

Ovine Nasal Zygomycosis
G Perry, Veterinary Inspector, Walgett ... Page 76

Phalaris Poisoning in Cattle
T Wilson, Veterinary Inspector, Braidwood ... Page 81

Respiratory Disease in Chooks - A Field Investingation of a Possible Exotic Disease
R North, Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo ... Page 82

Benign Footrot Associated with Cathead Punctures
FK Nottle, Veterinary Inspector, Coonabarabran ... Page 84

Epidemiological Review: Ovine Footrot Eradicaiton from a Coonamble Perspective
S More, Veterinary Inspector, Coonamble ... Page 89

Beef Cattle Survey
T Wilson, RLPB, Braidwood ... Page 94

Balance of Trace, Effect on Farm Incomes
Assoc Prof JW Chudleigh, UNE Orange Ag College ... Page 96

Costs to the Australian Sheep Industry of Major Endemic Diseases
D Collins, Institute of Animal Production and Processing, CSIRO, ACT ... Page 107

Animal Health as Part of Whole Farm Financial Management
Lloyd Davies, A/Special Economist (Farm Management) NSW Agriculture, Maitland ... Page 114

Farm Cheque - A Unique Farm Managment Program
Annette ten Broeke and Anne Muir, NSW Agriculture ... Page 118

Economic Assessment of Footrot and Lice at the Farm Level
D Jordan, NSW Agriculture, Queanbeyan ... Page 133

Wool Residues - Let them Work for You and not Against You
M Strong, Ciba Geigy, Sydney... Page 140

J Ferrier, Ciba Geigy, Sydney ... Page 151

Pig Industry - Overview
RM Fogarty, SVO (Pig Health), Orange ... Page 153

Review of Current Pig Research at EMAI
G Eamens, SVRO, EMAI, Camden ... Page 158

Bovine Venereal Campylobacteriosis in the Hay District
I Masters, District Veterinarian, Hay ... Page 163

Dieldrin Residues in a New Commercial Dairy
R North, Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo ... Page 165

Pyogranulomatous Enteriris in Sheep due to Penetrating Seedheads of Dittrichia graveolens
AW Philbey, RVL, Wagga Wagga and AG MOrton, Veterinary Inspector, Wagga Wagga ... Page 169

Drought Management Strategies for Beef Cattle
DJ Gardiner, Veterinary Officer, Tocal ... Page 172

Bovine Congenital Chondrodystrophy
J Godwin, A Philbey, J Glastonbury, J Searson, I Links RVL Wagga Wagga ... Page 178

Acorn Calves
AG Morton, Veterinary Inspector, Wagga Wagga ... Page 180


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