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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1993 Proceedings
76th Annual Conference

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Official Opening
Hon D Page, Member for Ballina ... Page 1

Presidential Address
SJ Whittaker ... Page 7

Developments within the Department
K Sheridan ... Page 12

Developments in the Division of Animal Industries and Implementation of Review Recommendations
H Scott-Orr ... Page 15

Heat Stress Losses in Feedlot Cattle at Texas, February, 1991
J Cronin ... Page 21

Hypovitaminosis A and E in a Cattle Feedlot
BA Vanselow and RJ Hunter ... Page 27

Johnes Disease in the Bega District
S Jagoe ... Page 33

Bovine Johnes Disease - A Southern Perspective
DD Salmon ... Page 36

Johnes Disease in Sheep - Transmission Between Sheep and Cattle?
SJ Whittaker ... Page 40

Diagnostic Tests for Johnes Disease
G Eamens ... Page 45

Protein Supplementation of Beef Cattle
DW Hennessy ... Page 55

Bovine Venereal Campylobacteriosis
S Hum, C Quinn and D Kennedy ... Page 58

Bovine Protozoal Abortion in NE NSW
PAW Harper ... Page 60

Dairy Cattle Exported to a Life in the Tropics
J Montgomery ... Page 65

Antimicrobial Residue Survey
S Spence ... Page 67

Nutritional and Reproduction of Dairy Cattle
IJ Lean ... Page 70

Fertility and High Production
IJ Lean ... Page 86

Assessing Suboptimal Nutrition in Dairy Cattle
IJ Lean ... Page 88

A Review of the Role of Free Radicals and Antioxidants in Bovine Health and Disease
M Curtis and IJ Lean ... Page 123

NSW Veterinary Laboratory Services 1992-93
JG Boulton ... Page 143

Kikuyu Poisoning
JG Boulton ... Page 152

Leptospirosis and Bovine Abortion
JG Boulton ... Page 155

Dealing with Plant Poisoning of Livestock
RA McKenzie ... Page 160

Vetch Toxicosis in Cattle
PA Gill and RW Cook ... Page 172

Exotic Disease Awareness - Use of Videos andTransparencies
RW Cook ... Page 174

Acaricide Residues in Dip Yards
T Tyler ... Page 177


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