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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1994 Proceedings
76th Annual Conference

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Title Page

Official Opening
W Hefferman, State President, NSW Division of the Liberal Party ... Page 1

Presidential Address
DD Salmon, District Veterinarian, Deniliquin ... Page 5

Development within NSW Agriculture
D Toohey, Regional Director of Agriculture, Murray / Riverina ... Page 9

Development in the Division of Animal Industries
H Scott-Orr, Chief, Division of Animal Industries, NSW Agriculture ... Page 19

From Stress to Success
JF Lockton, Psychologist, Wagga Wagga ... Page 29

J Glastonbury ... Page 47

Investigation of Diseases in Feedlot Cattle
J Godwin, Veterinary Research Officer, RVL ... Page 49

The Animal Research Act, as it affects RLPBs
M Kreveld, Veterinary Officer, Animal Welfare Unit, NSW Agriculture ... Page 75

Internal Parasites of Sheep on Irrigated Pastures
DD Salmon, District Veterinarian, Deniliquin ... Page 79

Plant Characteristics Affecting Livestock Production
J Mulholland, Senior Livestock Research Officer, ARI ... Page 83

Live Animal Assessment
R Jelbard, CALM Area Manager, Wagga Wagga ... Page 91

M Chamberlain, Foundation President, Downside Landcare Group... Page 107

Soil Acidity
G Fenton, District Agronomist, Lockhart... Page 111

Blue-Green Algae
M Hindmarsh, Veterinary Research Officer, Orange... Page 115

L Staples, Allied Biotechnologies, P/L, Victoria... Page 125

Operation Packsaddle: Feral Animals
D Croft, Livestock Officer (Agriculture Protection) Wagga Wagga ... Page 141

J Evers, District Veterinarian, Young ... Page 143

Suspected Blue-Green Algal Poisoning of Cattle
B Kemp, District Veterinarian, Forbes ... Page 147

Monensin Toxicity in Steers and Heifers on a Grain Ration
J Godwin, District Veterinarian, Gundagai... Page 161

Organic Lice Treatments
G Morrice, District Veterinarian, Narrandera... Page 167

Q Fever – My Case
I Harradine, District Veterinarian, Grafton... Page 171

Leptospirosis in Humans
H Suddes, District Veterinarian, Jerilderie... Page 181


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