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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1995 Proceedings
78th Annual Conference

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Presidential Address
DD Salmon ... Page 1

The Australian National Animal Health Information System - Developments and Current Status
Graeme Garner, Bureau of Rural Sciences ... Page 3

ISO and Quality Assurance
S King, Senior Field Veterinary Officer, Maitland ... Page 17

The Cotton Trash Issue and Quality Assurance - Implications for Producers
D Byrne, Program Coordinator, NSW Agriculture, Tamworth ... Page 23

Research in Novel Anthelmintics
EM Bennet-Jenkins, School of Life Sciences, ANU ... Page 27

Exotic Animal Diseases - The National Picture
Foreign Diseases Unit, Canberra ... Page 29

Introductory Paper
John Wolfe ... Page 47

Workhop Day
John Wolfe ... Page 51

Mouse Research including Capillaria hepatica
Peter Brown, CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology ... Page 65

Biological Control of Rabbits and Foxes ... Page 69

Control of Grazing at the Watering Point ... Page 75

The Importance of Soil Cover ... Page 77

Biodiversity and Grazing ... Page 79

Where do Animals Graze? ... Page 81

The APLC Locust Monitoging and Control Procedures ... Page 83

Biological Control - A Glimpse at Procedures, Paterson's Curse and St Johns Wort
S Corey, M Smith and P Jupp, CSIRO Division of Entymology ... Page 87

Phosphorus Deficiency
M Hindmarsh, District Veterinarian, Condobolin RLPB ... Page 93

The Footrot Strategic Plan and Low Virulent or Mild Intermediate Footrot
DB Unger, District Veterinarian, Yass RLPB ... Page 95

Reproductive Performance in Beef Cattle on the NSW North Coast
P Freeman, District Veterinarian, Casino RLPB ... Page 101

Bait Bins for Blowfly Control
DD Salmon, District Veterinarian, Deniliquin ... Page 121


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