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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1998 Proceedings
81st Annual Conference

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Departmental developments
H Scott-Orr ... Starts here

Ectoparasite extension plan... Starts here

The SPS agreement and Australian quarantine policy
RT Roe, Animal Quarantine Policy Branch ... Starts here

Avian influenza ... Starts here

Neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis
R McKinnon, RW Cook ... Starts here

An observational study on sheep internal parasites in the Narrabri district
SM Slattery, District Veterinary, Narrabri ... Starts here

Ovine footrot in the Northern Tablelands
JA Macfarlane, District Veterinary, Armidale and GC Green, Footrot Advisory Officer, Armidale ... Starts here

Technical bulletin - Coopers Assassin ... Starts here

Notes from a wildlife management and conservation delegation in Nepal, April 1995
KG Hart, District Veterinarian, Moss Vale ... Starts here

'Borrachera' (Polioencephalomalacia) in cattle
JA Macfarlane, District Veterinarian, Armidale ... Starts here


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