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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2002 Proceedings
85th Annual Conference

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Presidential Address
C Haylock ... Start here

Planning and Performance Standards
R Arthur ... No paper

Animal Health and Planning
State Council Guideline ... No paper

Visions for Future Directions
B Christie, CVO ... No paper

Footrot Policy
JT Seaman ... Start here

Workshop - OJD Policy
M Evers ... Start here

Veterinairy Student Placement
R Rose and R Ratcliffe ... Start here

District Veterinarians Committee Reports ... Start here

Animal Health Australia
G Neumann, CEO ... Start here

Animal Health Services
G Murray, Australian CVO ... Start here

Australian Sheep Biosecurity Plan
S Hansen ... Start here

AQIS in the Global Environment
A McDonald ... Start here

Livecorp, Current and Future Issues
K Shiel, CEO ... Start here

Grazing Value of Dual Purpose Winter Wheat
H Dove ... Start here

FMD Outbreak in UK 2001
P Kitching ... Start here

Death of Sheep
DD Salmon ... Start here

Cattle Management and Fertility
E Dunn ... Start here

Evaluaton of Magnum Efficiency
CR Stevens ... Start here

Drench Rotation / Drench Resistance
JV Evers ... Start here


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