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Opening Ceremony, 18th Annual Conference, 1937
The Conference was opened by the Hon. Hugh Main, M.L.A., Minister for Agriculture, on Monday, 22nd March, 1937 ... Read More

Office Bearers
At the conclusion of the Conference, the following Office-Bearers were elected for the ensuing year ... Read More

Disease Control in N.S.W.
Written by: Mr. J. G. Johnston, Stock Inspector, Albury, President of the Institute, 1937
This paper sets out the various steps that have been taken to control disease in stock during the last quarter of a century ... Read More

Nutritional Troubles in Stock
Written by: Dr. H. Belschner, Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Dept. of Agriculture
Probably the majority of the disorders which affect stock in this State are associated directly or indirectly with feeding and management ... Read More

The Stomach Tube and Worm Medication
Written by: Mr. Roy Stewart. B.V.Sc.
Mr. Stewart delivered his lecture which he prepared from an article in "Veterinary Medicine" (Chicago), and which was set out in the form of question and answer ... Read More

Stock Regulations of Railway Department
Written by: Mr. D. J. Howse, Acting Assistant Chief Traffic Manager
The Railway Department has received considerable assistance from the Stock Inspectors generally, but there are many features in connection with stock concessions ... Read More

Rabbit Destruction — Pastures Protection Act
Written by: Mr. W. J. Smith. Inspector of Stock, Young
I know of no subject upon which it is so necessary for them to be fully informed, so as to equip themselves in order that they may be in a position to deal with the different phases of administration in regard to rabbit destruction ... Read More

Camping Yards on Routes and Reserves
Written by: Mr. F. J. Madden, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
These yards were erected for really a dual purpose, firstly to do away with the old timber "breaks" erected by the drovers tor the purpose of camping sheep in their charge ... Read More

Rabbit Proof Fences—Specifications, etc,.
Written by: Mr. F. J. Madden, Inspector of Stock. Tamworth
The best hardwood timber available should be used; Ironbark, White Box, Red Gum, Yellow Box, or the best hardwood available for preference. White Pine not split is suitable in country where ... Read More

Stock Proof Fencing
Written by: Mr. F. J. Madden, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
The proposed line for fence should be carefully selected, steep grades, rocky nobs, sharp slopes and such difficult country should be avoided if possible ... Read More

Rabbit Proof Fence
Written by: Mr. E A. Lucas, Inspector of Stock, West Maitland
Posts to be of sound timber (as specified) and no half trees put in for posts. To be 5 feet 10 inches long and 8 inches by 4 inches measurement at the small end ... Read More

Travelling Stock Reserves and their Management
Written by: Mr. C. White, Stock Inspector, Deniliquin
The different P.P. Boards which I have worked with have all fully appreciated the importance of travelling stock routes and Reserves to the live stock industry, and have always strenuously opposed any revocation of the areas ... Read More

Rabbit Destruction
Written by: Mr. H. M. Bloomfield, Inspector of Stock, Cooma
Whenever a short dry spell of weather came, it was considered a drought, but which was entirely a "rabbit one," as they had devoured every ... Read More

Reserves Improvement
Written by: Mr. H. M. Bloomfield, Inspector of Stock, Cooma
Previous to the reserves being placed under the control of the Board, all the travelling stock reserves in the Cooma P.P. District were unfenced, being open spaces situated within the boundaries of holdings and under lease ... Read More

Breeding and Feeding of Pigs
Written by: Mr. N. H. Litchfield, Inspector of Stock, Bega
It is essential that pigs be given adequate protection from cold and heat draughts and that the pigs will have a warm, dry bed ... Read More

Administration of Public Watering Places and T.S.R.s. in the Western Division
Written by: Mr. J. N. McCulloch, Inspector of Stock, Bourke
From 1891 to 1906 the Governments pushed on vigorously with the formation of P.W.P.'s, and in that period approximately 100 bores were sunk ... Read More

Anthrax in Stock
Written by: Mr. F. T. Yeoman, Inspector of Stock, Narrandera
Now of all the stock diseases one has to combat with in this great State, there is none that carries greater danger to life, in human beings as well as stock than Anthrax ... Read More


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