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This article was published in 1938
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On behalf of the members of the institute of Stock Inspectors, I desire to express to our visitors sincere appreciation of their presence and trust that the deliberations at the Conference will be of interest to them.

This is the twenty-first year of the existence of the Institute, and during that short period much ground has been covered and many bridges crossed. It is the aim of the Institute to promote a standard of efficiency among its members that will have no equal in the Commonwealth. It is recognised that the live stock industry requires the best scientific advice and assistance possible, and this is what all our members desire to give.

Scattered as we are all over the State, many items of interest come under the notice of individual members, and at the annual Conference, by fraternising and collaborating, information of considerable value is disseminated, which must in turn be passed on to the people we try to serve.

Unfortunately, a considerable area of the State is affected by the dry weather conditions, and although we cannot control the elements. Stock Inspectors in many ways render valuable assistance to owners of stock who are laboring under distressing conditions.

The visitation of grasshoppers over a large area cast on various members of the Institute considerable extra work and responsibility. It is pleasing to record that, although quite a new feature in our work, wonderful success followed. This is a tribute to the meticulous care exercised in carrying out the campaign of destruction formulated by the entomologists. It is admitted there is much diversity of opinion and criticism as to the practicability of dealing with grass-hopper visitations by poisoned bait. It is possible, however, to get some consolation from the fact that Pasteur, after years of ridicule and criticism in his campaign against anthrax, ultimately received generous universal recognition.

The inauguration of a pure milk supply for the cities, is endorsed by the Institute, and it is to be hoped that in the near future similar steps will be taken in the country. It may truly he said that country consumers of milk are also entitled to protection. It is agreed that it is a big Job, but will sooner or later have to be tackled: maybe some form of compensation fund will have to be established, but this does not appear to be impossible.

Congratulations are extended to the Minister for Public Health on the proposal to introduce legislation for the establishment of abattoirs in country centres. This facility, together with a pure milk supply, although public health activities is closely associated with Stock Inspectors' work, has our hearty support.

Our whole-hearted support is given to the various bodies that are endeavouring to have stock routes provided away from main roads. We all recognise the extreme difficulties associated with droving stock along fast traffic roads, and the members of the Institute will be pleased to assist in the movement.

It is desired to express appreciation to the Pastures Protection Boards throughout the State, for their reception of the superannuation scheme; and, in conclusion, to record with pleasure the happy relations that exist between Directors of Boards and Inspectors of Stock.


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