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Conference Opening
The Inspectors of Stock are holding their Conference after a lapse of over two years. In the state of uncertainty which existed at the usual time of the Conference last year, the Institute wisely decided not to hold a Conference ... Read More

President's Address
Conditions in the industry that we are vitally interested in and connected with have varied considerably since we last met ... Read More

Office Bearers
Officials elected at the 1941 conference ... Read More

National Aspects of Grassland Improvements
Written by: AWS Moodie, HDA, HDD
One of the most vital problems confronting agriculture in Australia concerns the maintenance of gradually increasing stock and human populations on soils of diminishing fertility ... Read More

Australian Wool and the Future
Written by: I Clunies Ross, DVSc
So far as the wool industries of the great exporting countries are concerned, of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Argentine, two major markets alone remain ... Read More

Taking Blood Samples from Cattle for Complement Fixation Test for Pleuro PC
Written by: EA Lucas
You have all probably bled dairy-herds, and this is comparatively a simple matter. However, some day you may get instructions, as I did, to trace the buyers of several big store cattle sales and blood test the cattle concerned ... Read More

The Fat Lamb Industry
Written by: JM Coleman
War conditions and the dislocation in shipping services has materially affected the lamb raising industry in Australia. This is only to be expected in any industry that depends very largely upon its export trade ... Read More

PP Board Herbarium
Written by: GJ O'Neill
I am aware that many Inspectors have already quite good collections of the many plants and weeds in their respective districts; but I thought it would not be out of place to perhaps give some Inspector an idea of how to establish such a collection ... Read More

Sickness in Cattle Caused by the Ingestion of Ergot
Written by: FJ Madden
On the morning of my visit one cow was found dead in the creek running through the paddock, and in each of the two previous deaths the cow had died in the water ... Read More

Pig Raising
Written by: AF Gray
Like every other business, pig-raising has its ups and downs, and there are periods when there are a good deal more of the latter than of the former ... Read More

Organisation and Co-operation of Rural Industries
Written by: JN McCulloch
Personally, I have to admit feeling somewhat like a man who is lost on a dark night, on one of those expansive wind-swept "Claypans" in the Far West. The few tracks which could be picked up in daylight are not now visible, even by car light ... Read More

Rural Development
Written by: M Henry, MRCVS, BVSc
It was rather assumed at the beginning of the war that Great Britain would be in a position to say what she wanted from Australia. It did not take long before it was perfectly obvious that ... Read More

Salmonella Infection of Domestic Animals
Written by: DF Stewart, BVSc, Dip. Bact.
During recent years the importance of this group of organisms causing serious infections amongst domesticated animals has been recognised in most countries of the world. New species are being isolated frequently ... Read More

Written by: Hugh McL Gordon
The cause is Haemonchus contortus, known by a variety of common names, including Large Stomach Worm, Barber's Pole Worm, Red Worm, Rennet Worm, and Twisted Wire Worm. The disease is an anaemia resulting from the vigorous blood-sucking ... Read More

Observations on Diseases of Central Nervous System
Written by: JT Hayston, BVSc
The diagnosis of these diseases is essentially a laboratory procedure, but the suspicion of their presence must come from the field and it is thought wise to describe to you the symptoms of these diseases and the methods of obtaining suitable material for submission ... Read More

Water Supply Equipment
Written by: JG Park HDA
The supply of water at convenient points on the stock routes is, as evervbody knows, a matter of paramount importance to the P.P. Boards. Without adequate watering points the movement of stock within the district is prevented ... Read More

Nutrition in Relation to Disease in Poultry
Written by: L Hart, BVSc, HDA
For normal health, growth and reproduction, poultry require a complexity of substances in their rations, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, minerals, vitamins and water. These substances are necessary for other forms of animal life, but in view of specialised methods of production ... Read More


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