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Conference Opening
Most of you have been actively engaged in preparing plans for the possible removal of livestock from any area threatened by enemy action and although we sincerely hope that these plans will never be used ... Read More

President's Address
Now it has become clear that the war leaders of the United Nations are devoting considerable time to the problems which must be solved promptly after the termination of hostilities ... Read More

Office Bearers
Officials elected at the 1943 conference ... Read More

Written by: Hugh McL Gordon, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, CSIR
An anthelmintic is a drug or combination of drugs which destroys or removes parasites in or from the host animal. An ideal anthelmintic for domestic animals should have the following properties ... Read More

Brucellosis of Cattle
Written by: ROC King, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield
This type of vaccination is the most modern development in the fight against Brucellosis of cattle and is the only type of vaccination which gives promise of being useful to the farmer owning an infected herd ... Read More

The Effect of Fat Hen on Young Lambs in Dry Conditions
Written by: FJ Madden, Tamworth
During the Autumn of 1942 on parts of the Liverpool Plains was growing a heavy crop of Pat Hen. Practically no other vegetation could be seen. In the month of May conditions had become dry; the Fat Hen had matured, and was hard, fibrous and carrying heavy seed heads ... Read More

A Complaint of a Puzzling Nature in Cattle in the Tamworth PP District
Written by: FJ Madden, Tamworth
In this district over the past number of years there has been a complaint affecting cattle of all ages, types and condition. It has been seen in fat and store bullocks, wet and dry cows, and in young cattle down to calves a few weeks old ... Read More

Swine Fever Outbreak in NSW
Written by: HG Belschner, Deputy Chief, Division of Animal Industry
On the 14th December, 1942, a swill feeder from Matraville despatched 117 pigs to the Homebush Saleyards for sale next day. One pig died during the night and another in the yards that day ... Read More

Some Comments on Poultry Disease
Written by: TG Hungerford
With due regard to the necessity of stepping-up production of poultry products, Inspectors of Stock should be vitally concerned in the annual loss of poultry which is usually between 10 and 20 per cent. of adult stock, and about 30 per cent. or more of chickens ... Read More

Hypocalcaemia of Sheep — Recent Investigations
Written by: MC Franklin, McMaster Laboratory
If conditions are suitable, hypocalcaemia is not confined to in-lamb ewes, or to ewes with lambs at foot, but may occur in any class of sheep and at any time of the year ... Read More

The Laboratory Diagnosis of Swine Fever
Written by: L Hart, Director, Veterinary Research, Glenfield
Laboratory examination is necessary to establish a diagnosis in cases of suspected Swine Fever and it was thought that an explanation of the procedure adopted at this laboratory would be of interest ... Read More

The Treatment of Mastitis of Cattle
Written by: WL Hindmarsh
Until recent years there has been known no satisfactory treatment for Mastitis of cattle. Various therapeutic measures were recommended from time to time, but none proved satisfactory ... Read More


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