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President's Address
During the early part of the season many parts of the State experienced fairly good pastoral conditions. Unfortunately, however, a dry period has set in. Many parts of the State are now seriously short of feed ... Read More

Office Bearers
Officials elected at the 1944 conference ... Read More

The Control of Blowfly Strike
Written by: EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Braidwood
Our present knowledge of this subject, though lacking still in some obvious essentials, certainly has become extensive and voluminous. So much so that it has been felt that some effort was required to reduce this knowledge to its elements ... Read More

Infestation of Sheep in Hay Pastures Protection District with Worms of the Species Nematodirus
Written by: KSF Bray, Inspector of Stock, Hay
Evidence is provided of such infestation in the Hay Pastures Protection District during the years 1938 and 1939 when losses as high as ten percent were common in cases reported ... Read More

Treatment of Haemonchus Under Outbreak Conditions
Written by: Hugh McL Gordon, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, Sydney
Haemonchus contortus usually is regarded as easy to kill, and most anthelmintics are regarded as very effective against it. However, the following story is commonly heard from graziers who have had to deal with a severe outbreak ... Read More

Dermatitis affecting the Lower Legs of Sheep
Written by: DA Gill, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory
The investigation of this disease, a new form of Dermatitis affecting the lower legs, heels and coronets of sheep, still is in the very early stages ... Read More

Food-Borne Disease of Bacterial Origin
Written by: DF Stewart, BVSc, DipBact, CSIR
The term "food poisoning" is not really applicable to all cases of illness arising from the ingestion of foods. The term survives from the misconception that illness of this type was due to the presence of so-called ptomains or toxic amines ... Read More

Some Field Observations on Mineral Imbalance in Cattle
Written by: FE Trevitt, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar
During the 1943 Spring there was an outbreak of mineral imbalance in cattle in the greater part of the Eastern and Central Divisions of New South Wales. The observations recorded in this article were made in the Carcoar District ... Read More

Post-Mortem Appearances in Some Swine Septicaemias
Written by: KV Byrne, Inspector of Stock, Narrandera
The following notes on the above subject are in the case of Anthrax, based on field experiences in the Central Rivertna, and in the other diseases on observations made whilst employed in the 1942-43 Swine Fever eradication campaign in the County of Cumberland ... Read More

Anthrax—A Note on Control
Written by: RP Mayer, Inspector of Stock, Condobolin
After six years experience in one of the chief Anthrax Districts of this State the following are submitted as essential features which should be borne in mind at all times ... Read More

A Note on "Goitre" in Lambs
Written by: DJ Walker, Inspector of Stock, Cooma
During November, 1939, a mortality in lambs on the western side of the Narrabri Pastures Protection District was investigated; the sheep involved having been pastured on heavy black-plain country ... Read More


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