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Conference Opening
As a stockowner, I fully realise the importance of the great service which Inspectors of Stock, well trained in veterinary matters, are so capable of rendering to the stock industry of this State in particular, and of the Commonwealth in general ... Read More

Office Bearers
Officials elected at the 1945 conference ... Read More

Our Institute
Written by: EA Lucas, Maitland
By 1917 a Provisional Committee of the "Institute of P.P. Board Officials of N.S.W." had come into being. Towards the end of that year the total membership had reached 31 ... Read More

Transit Tetany of Sucker Lambs—Mixed Sexes
Written by: TR Jones, Forbes
On 10th October, 1944, the writer was advised that losses had occurred in a mob of sucker lambs recently delivered at a local meatworks ... Read More

Contagious Pustular Dermatitis (Scabby Mouth)
Written by: JT Hayston, Glenfield
Contagious Pustular Dermatitis is an infection of the epidermal tissues of the sheep which is caused by a filterable virus. Almost invariably the lesions become contaminated by organisms such as cocci, but the typical manifestations of the disease may be seen without secondary infection being present ... Read More

Protein Nutrition and Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning in Sheep
Written by: DJ Walker, Cooma
The following brief notes amplify our present, and admittedly very incomplete, knowledge of the causes of mortality which may follow the use of a very common drug; and illustrate to some extent the relationship of the plane of nutrition to cases of tetrachloride poisoning ... Read More

Nitrite Poisoning
Written by: KSF Bray, Hay
Until quite recent times spectacular mortality in stock, particularly hungry sheep freshly introduced on to succulent feed, has been ascribed to various causes; among which poisoning by weeds has been common ... Read More

Variations in Mineral Imbalance Syndromes
Written by: EJ McBarron, Albury
The following will serve to show that under field conditions there are several syndromes which appear to have a close resemblance to Grass Tetany and associated mineral imbalance diseases in cattle ... Read More

Hypocalcaemia in Wethers
Written by: FJ Madden, Tamworth
Of the very many cases of Hypocalcaemia seen amongst sheep in this District during 1938, in practically every instance the animals involved were pregnant or lactating ewes ... Read More

Treatment of Wooden Tongue with Intravenous Injections of Sodium Iodide
Written by: EG Lowe, Coonamble
The disease known as Wooden Tongue is caused by the organism Actinobacillus lignieresi. The condition usually is chronic in nature and slow of spread ... Read More

Tick Fever
Written by: Grahame Edgar, Glenfield
The term Tick Fever is the popular name given to the condition affecting cattle which may be due to infection with any of the following genera of pathogenic protozoa: Piroplasma, Babesiella or Anaplasma ... Read More

Hydrocephalus in a Calf
Written by: AR McNiven, Port Macquarie
Recently the writer was asked to make an examination of a dairy cow which was unable to calve. On arrival at the farm it was learned that the cow had been in labour for rather more than 24 hours ... Read More

Dirofilaria (Heart Worm) in Dogs
Written by: FT Yeoman, Moree
This parasitic infestation in dogs came under the writer's notice in the North-West for the first time about three years ago, and since that time six (6) outbreaks have been seen ... Read More

Notes on Recent Research with Brucella suis Infection
Written by: ROC King, Glenfield
It has been shown by workers in other countries that spread of Brucella infection in pigs is commonly caused by the infected boar. This has been substantiated in New South Wales and the ease with which Br. suis has been isolated from ... Read More

Some Notes on an Outbreak of Avian Tuberculosis
Written by: KV Byrne, Narrandera
In November, 1944, whilst investigating a mortality in turkeys, which subsequently was found to be due to Botulism, it was discovered that fowls also were dying on the same property ... Read More


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