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Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning — Sheep
Written by: DJ Walker, Inspector of Stock, Cooma
Since these mortalities were observed five others have occurred and additional information has come to hand. Of these, four support the suggestion that a rising plane of nutrition may be related to toxicity ... Read More

Orchitis in Rams — Border Leicester
Written by: EG Lowe, Inspector of Stock, Coonamble
The condition was observed originally in the spring of 1944, among rams in the 8-18 months group, and since then some fifty cases had occurred amongst 500 rams ... Read More

Pneumonia in Sheep
Written by: FT Yeoman, Inspector of Stock, Moree
During the past ten years an apparently infectious Pneumonia appears to have become steadily more prevalent in sheep in this area; and the writer's experience has been that Border Leicesters, especially rams, have been peculiarly subject ... Read More

Treatment of Sterility — Cattle
Written by: TG Hungerford, BVSc, Penrith
It generally has been conceded that Brucella abortus infection is a common, perhaps the most common, cause of breeding troubles of dairy cattle In New South Wales ... Read More

Unusual Mortality in Cattle — Rock Fern
Written by: TR Jones, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
The owner stated that he had some 80 head of cattle running on some mountain country for from six to twelve months; and as they appeared to be doing well he decided to bring them to his home country ... Read More

Suspected Nardoo Poisoning — Horses
Written by: FT Yeoman, Inspector of Stock, Moree
During 1945, whilst drought conditions prevailed in the Moree P.P. District, attention was drawn to sickness and mortalities in horses of all ages and types; though the condition was found only amongst horses actually grazing on what is known as Water Course country ... Read More

Suspected Ulcerative Lymphadenitis — Horses
Written by: EG Lowe, Inspector of Stock, Coonamble
The subject of this case report, considered to be very unusual, first came under the writer's notice, as what was thought then to be a simple stake wound ... Read More

Control of Fowl Cholera
Written by: L Hart, BVSc, Glenfield
Fowl cholera is a septicaemic disease of fowls caused by Pasteurella avicida. Several outbreaks have occurred in New South Wales and some very heavy losses have been sustained ... Read More

In the Horse Days
Written by: F Hildred, Inspector of Stock, Goulburn
There is, perhaps, more than a tendency to-day to overlook the fact that the high-powered motor car is a comparatively very recent development ... Read More


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