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Unusual Outbreak of Mycotic Dermatitis in Lambs
Written by: ANA HARRIS, BVSc, District Veterinary Officer, Armidale and WB HARDING, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
In July, 1949, a landowner reported a condition in his Merino lambs similar to Contagious Pustular Dermatitis and causing conjunctivitis ... Read More

A Case of Listeria monocytogenes Infection
Written by: G Charles, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
Ewes affected in this outbreak were full-mouthed Merinos in good condition, mated with Border Leicester rams and about one week prior to lambing, the owner found the first dead lamb in the paddock ... Read More

Use of Benedict's Test as a Diagnostic Aid in Entero-toxaemia of Sheep
Written by: EJ McBarron, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Albury
For some time the writer has been applying Benedict's Qualitative Test for reducing substances in urine as a diagnostic aid in suspected cases of Entero-toxaemia in sheep ... Read More

Tetanus in Sheep
Written by: GE Charles BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
Towards the end of November, 1949, a watercourse on the western edge of the town of Grenfell was flooded as a result of heavy rain over its catchment ... Read More

Case Reports - Sheep
Written by: TR Jones, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Wagga
The losses occurred in a flock of 350 first cross Dorset Horn ewes, 2-3 years old, following the use of a 10% bluestone solution as a foot-bath ... Read More

Infant Lamb Mortalities
Written by: G Charles, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
During both the 1948 and 1949 lambings, records were kept of lambs dropped, lambs dying within 72 hours of birth and lambs marked ... Read More

Smashes in Sheep and Cattle from Plant Poisoning
Written by: FJ Madden, Inspector of Stock, Moss Vale
One of the most tragic smashes of this century was the catastrophe of October 20, 1907, on Nogabri Reserve; near Gunnedah ... Read More

Successes and a Failure
Written by: WE Crogan BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Braidwood
It is thought that the following Case Reports will be not only of general interest, but will serve to illustrate the magnitude of the errors into which one can fall ... Read More

Lice Infestation in Sheep
Written by: KV Byrne, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Young
From time to time laments about prevalence of sheep lice appear in the press and elsewhere, and resolutions are passed by sheep owners' associations asking that something be done about it ... Read More

Control of Sheep Lice and Ked
Written by: JC BEARDWOOD, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Bathurst
Sheep lice and ked must be controlled until such time as eradication becomes practicable; and there cannot be any doubt that regular and systematic inspections ... Read More

Mortality in Adult Cattle Due to Paramphistomes
Written by: WB Harding, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
Paramphistomes or Stomach Fluke are prevalent in cattle throughout the coastal belt ... Read More

Poultry Diseases
Written by: L Hart, BVSc, "Cloudlands," Avoca, via Moss Vale
Some important points - with special reference to avian tuberculosis and its differential diagnosis ... Read More

The Mint Weed Menace
Written by: FL Clark, BVSc, Inspector of Stock, Warialda
In Australia a large percentage of properties has been damaged by consistently overstocking with sheep and/or rabbits ... Read More


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