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Prevention and Control of Body Strike in Sheep
GJ Shanahan, Entomologist, Dept of Agriculture
Under some circumstances, particularly on large properties, situation occasionally arises in which it is necessary to mass treat a large number of sheep with strikes ... Read More

Enzootic Ataxia of Lambs
EG Lowe, Inspector of Stock, Coonamble
Initially, the symptoms consist of a quick, "proppy" gait, with a slight swaying from side to side; this latter gradually becoming more marked until ... Read More

Mineral Imbalance in Wethers
JC Beardwood, Inspector of Stock, Bathurst and DM Helwig, Veterinary Student
Although various types and various degrees of mineral imbalance are common in ewes, this condition is rare in wethers in the field ... Read More

'Blue Couch' Poisoning in Sheep
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
There are a number of plant species in New South Wales which are cyanogenetic, and in most of these the prussic acid content is present as a glucoside ... Read More

Arsenical Poisoning in Sheep
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
Briefly, the history was that there was one particular paddock on this property wherein a few sheep had died every time a mob was depastured on it ... Read More

Sheep Lice and Ked Control by Fogging
GJ Shanahan, Entomologist, Dept of Agriculture
An alternative method of treating sheep for control of lice and ked, namely fogging, has received much publicity during the past two years ... Read More

Rock Fern Poisoning in Sheep
KV Byrne, Inspector of Stock, Young
The chief symptoms were staggering, a discharge from the mouth and a profuse greenish diarrhoea ... Read More

Case Reports
TR Jones, Inspector of Stock, Wagga Wagga
This case is reported in order to record mortality in weaners due primarily to a heavy infestation of Trichostrongyles during hot, dry, summer months .. Read More

Recent Advances in Nutrition
GL McClymont, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield
The difference in response of poultry and pigs to vegetable and animal protein concentrates is largely due to the vitamin B12 content .. Read More

Dehorning of Cattle
EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Glen Innes - Inverell
The advantages of Polled and Horned cattle have been a common argument between stud breeders of beef cattle for many years.. Read More

Chorea in Young Pigs
WB Harding, Inspector of Stock, Tamworth
During February, 1949, a farmer at Dungowan in the Tamworth district, reported an unusual condition in a litter of pigs ... Read More

Moniliasis or Thrush in Turkeys
IG Pearson, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield
Moniliasis is a disease of human infants, young birds, calves and colts - chickens, poults, squabs, goslings and young pheasants, grouse and quail are susceptible ... Read More

Nutritional Encephalomalacia of Chickens
KV Byrne, Inspector of Stock, Young
This condition is the result of Vitamin E deficiency, first demonstrated in rats in 1922, and then in chickens in 1930 ... Read More

Aspergillosis of Turkeys
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
Affected birds made frequent and violent attempts to clear their throats, accompanied by much head shaking and coughing ... Read More

Poisoning (?)
VP Freeman, Inspector of Stock, Gloucester
Losses in stock due to plant and mineral poisoning is the cause of serious economic loss to the stock-owner every year in N.S.W. ... Read More

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