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Pleuro-Pneumonia Contagiosa - Field Control
E Scott Rogers, Inspector of Stock, Deniliquin and Jerilderie
The outbreaks of Pleuro-pneumoma in N.S.W in 1952 were so extensive and so serious that they almost brought to a standstill the normal flow of cattle from Queensland ... Read More

Pleuro-Pneumonia Contagiosa - Part 2 Central West
DG Christie, District Veterinary Officer and EG Lowe, Inspector of Stock, Coonamble
An endeavour will be made only to show the origin, so far as N.S.W. is concerned, of the series of outbreaks and distribution through the area ... Read More

Some Observations on Johnes Disease in New South Wales
JC Keast, Principal Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield
It is probable that our extreme summer temperatures affect the viability of the Johnes bacillus on pastures and so reduce the risk of infection ... Read More

Sterility in Boars, Probable Genetic Origin
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
Lethal factors are known to exist in pigs, and a case involving a possible further factor is reported ... Read More

Investigations of Developments in Animal Disease Control in Some Overseas Countries
Ian W Montgomery, ICI of Australia and NZ Ltd, Melbourne
It was most notable that the principal anthelmintic research in the world as far as farm animals are concerned is being conducted in Australia at the CSIRO McMaster Laboratory ... Read More

Practical Application of the Use of Oestrogens
CW Emmens, Professor of Veterinary Physiology, the University of Sydney
Natural oestrogens are rarely commercially available in pure form. Most preparations contain a mixture of oestrogens in extracts ... Read More

Hints and Gadgets
G Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes
The following few notes are not compiled with a view to extolling the virtues of the articles and practices described, but in the hope that others may find them useful ... Read More

The Dingo Problem
Don Walker, Inspector of Stock, Armidale
During the past eighty to ninety years there has been a continuous effort to reduce or control the native dog population ... Read More

The Pastures Protection Board
EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Glen Innes-Inverell
New South Wales is the only State in Australia that has an organisation known as a Pastures Protection Board. The Boards are set up ... Read More

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