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Our Institute "A Short History" is Continued
In our issue for 1945, Mr. Arthur Lucas, then Inspector of Stock, Maitland, and our Official Historian, outlined the early history of the Inspector of Stock ... Read More

Hypocuprosis in Merino Sheep in Oberon District
R. C. & C. W. Sparks, Carinya, Gingkin, via Oberon.
The property on which copper deficiency was diagnosed in 1954 is situated about 20 miles south of Oberon and was bought by the present owners in 1946 ... Read More

Neoplasms in Ewes—Apparent Association with Radical Mules Operation
L. A. W. Mactier, B.V.Sc., Inspector of Stock, Moree.
At the time, the practice on the station property in question was to leave a very short tail on the lambs; and to carry out a radical Mulesing by making two cuts ... Read More

Digestive Disturbance in Sheep—An Effect of Pellet Concentrates
C. D. Gee, B.V.Sc., Inspector of Stock, Braidwood
During the drought months of 1954, a number of mortalities in sheep were found to have been due to sudden changes in the feeding of pelletted concentrates or sheep nuts ... Read More

Some Thoughts on Australia's Contribution to World Food Problems
G. Edgar, B.V.Sc., Director of Veterinary Research, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield, N.S.W.
When Mr. Norris Dodd, former Director-General of the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations visited Australia a few years ago, he pointed out that the World population was increasing at the rate of 55,000 persons per day ... Read More

Bovine Malignant Catarrh
I. G. Pearson, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield.
This acute, highly fatal, infectious viral disease of cattle has now been definitely diagnosed in New South Wales ... Read More

Mercurial Poisoning in Pigs
G. Charles, B.V.Sc., Inspector of Stock, Forbes.
Most reference books seen appear to confine their remarks re mercurial poisoning to the effects of perchloride of mercury or calomel, the first giving rise to an acute condition and the second to a more chronic complaint ... Read More

Infertility Notes
H. E. R. Beattie, B.V.Sc., H.D.A., Special Veterinary Research Officer, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield, N.S.W.
The presence of ovine brucellosis in NSW has been confirmed, but the proportion of epididymitis cases with which it is associated, remains a matter for conjecture ... Read More

Diseases Associated with Droughts
E. A. Farleigh, B.V.Sc., Inspector of Stock, Glen Innes-Inverell.
It is interesting to summarise various disease conditions which were encountered during the second and third quarters of 1954, and to connect them in no small measure to the lack of feed at the time ... Read More

"Trembling" in Newborn Pigs
G. Charles, B.V.Sc., Inspector of Stock, Forbes.
A local pig farmer reported that he had at his piggery some "dancing" pigs, which were creating considerable interest among pig farmers, none of whom had seen such a condition before ... Read More

Goulburn Abattoir—An Example of Decentralisation
A. E. Towns, Manager.
Some years ago the NSW Government resolved to decentralise the slaughtering of stock and subsequently a Committee investigated suitable sites and as a result of their deliberations ... Read More

The Present State of Some Animal Diseases in Asia
R. V. S. Bain, B.V.Sc., M.Sc., Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Bacteriology, University of Sydney.
These notes refer to the situation obtaining on the mainland of S.E. Asia The writer has no personal knowledge of the present state of animal disease in Indonesia, our nearest Asian neighbours ... Read More

Some Recent Developments of Insecticides in Veterinary Practice
N. P. H. Graham, B.V.Sc., Technical Adviser, Wm. Cooper & Nephews (Aust.) Ltd.
The post-war era has seen the development of a continuous stream of new synthetic insecticides by chemical manufacturers all over the world ... Read More

Pasture Improvement With Special Reference to Trace Elements
F. W. Cradock, B.Sc. (Ag.), Chemist's Branch, Dept. of Agriculture.
The popularity of pasture improvement in this State is well emphasised by the increased areas established each year. For example, in 1948-49, 2¾ million acres in N.S.W. were estimated to be sown to pasture ... Read More

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